What are the different types of shaving principles? 

Shaving is the process of giving a proper shape to the gear. Different types of gears have different tooth profiles. Diversities can be generated with the help of unique methodologies. They are different types of shaving methods that work on different principles of gear development. It is a valuable process to increase the efficiency of the gears over some time. 

It is also helpful for providing maximum competency and efficiency in production. The different methodologies can be covered with the help of different principles. The list of the same has been provided in the following figure to understand the people better. 

Cross axis principle

This is an essential principle of shaving the gears and . Under this principle, an attempt is made to focus on the gear cutting machine. This machine is usually set in such a position to effectively control and monitor the carvings on the gear during the rotation process. It is controlled with the help of monitoring tools. 


This principle focuses on a static availability of a machine for achieving precision in shape inscribed. It helps bring maximum efficiency and perfection in the shape of the gear. This principle does not involve any other complications and can be installed by every industrial structure. The chances of the accuracy of the tooth profiling are very high due to more minor movements and development. 

Zig zag axial principle

It is a kind of gear cutter under which the gear cutting machine decides the positioning and profiling of the gear. It is an essential tool with the help of which better perfection can be achieved in gear shaving. Usually tries to understand the nature of the gear and the metal with which it is made up. 


Tries to monitor its movement across the circumference of the gear so that a perfect and smooth tooth is carved out. It is all a matter of understanding how the shape has to be given. helps in saving a lot of time because no human operator is required to monitor the performance. It is a kind of an automatic process through which better efficiency could be achieved over some time. 

Which is better? 

After discussing the two most essential principles of gear shaving, it is essential to compare both of them and give a single conclusion. Usually, both of them have got a different set of advantages of their own. While the first one is used in the conventional industry setup, the second one is more automated and organised. But there can be different types of problems associated with the second process. 


A minor technical Glitch in the machine can result in the incorrect inscription on the gear. This will add to the wastage and waste a lot of time. But the first one usually consumes a lot of time because it has to be constantly monitored with the help of a human operator. Both of these techniques have their pros and cons. That is why these machines can be used according to the convenience of the producer. 


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