What Is Syndicated Content And How It Helps To Get Better Ranking?

Let’s face it; you do several things to increase the organic reach of your brand online. Writing original and eye-catchy content is one of the strategies you adopt.

You do strategic research to study competitors, find related keywords with the help of an SEO agency and follow a content distribution plan.

Still, you might not get the desired results.

Why not follow a new content practice of writing information according to content syndication strategy. It is an advanced way to share your content across distinctive publishing channels and increases your brand visibility.

Know everything about syndicated content based on the following key points.

Now, let’s jump on to the relevant information.

What is Content Syndication?

Content syndication is a growth marketing technique. It is a strategy in which your original and proprietary blog post and website-related content are posted on third-party platforms. You must have seen content marketing experts republishing your blog on external blog sites and adding short content on social channels.

This kind of marketing practice is known as content syndication. It allows your brand to get visibility on other sites and add a link there. You can post a blog, infographic, video, or any form of content under the content syndication strategy.

But the major difference lies in doing the quality posting. With the help of a content marketing company, you can devise a strategic plan. It allows you to post your brand-related information on websites or platforms that belong to your industry only.

For example, if you belong to the travel and hospitality industry, then information posted will be on similar platforms only. It is of no use to publish your brand content on any technology or an educational site.

Why Do Users Syndicate Content?

There are two main reasons for adopting a content syndication strategy.

  1. Your brand will experience an extensive reach across a new and wider audience. It works to build your brand stronger and syndication partner gives you a backlink.
  2. The third-party platform also gets to publish original content given by you to target their audience. It helps the external brand to improve ranking and further allows you to add more relevant content.

Know the Different Types of Content Syndication

As a brand, you can utilize different types of syndicate content to improve the company’s reach, enhance the target audience, and get more leads.

  • You can do free content posting partnerships with external platforms.
  • You can do paid advertising or posting.
  • Do the LinkedIn marketing across major B2B players.

How Does Content Syndication Improve your Site’s SEO?

Syndicate content has an imperative role to play in improving your site’s SEO.

  • When you post your brand-related information on third-party sites, chances are high that they outrank your content. It increases your brand visibility across a wide spectrum of audiences.
  • You will get direct exposure to the target user base available on other platforms. It allows you to market more to catch their attention and generate more leads.

How to Avoid SEO Issues?

One thing that might disturb is the issue of content duplication. Normally, when you publish already posted information onto an external site, Google considers it duplicate.

However, content syndication is not a duplication activity.

Still, you can take the below-mentioned steps to ensure Google ranks your content.

  • Just make sure that your third-party posted content has its backlink to the original website. It must take the users to your website and improve brand visibility.
  • Do add a canonical tag on the third-party site and link the original content.

How to Syndicate Content?

Now, let’s come to another relevant point of getting started with content syndication.

  1. Create Content

First, start with creating content that needs to be published on external sites based on the following few considerations.

  • It should be original and high-quality content.
  • Make sure to create authoritative and link-worthy content.
  • Remember the content targets a typical audience outside your realm.
  • Do create a variety of content like infographics, videos, blog posts, and more.
  • Include targeted keywords in your content and place them in a relevant manner.
  1. Choose the Combination of Free, Paid & Owned Content

Follow a strategic content syndication strategy based on the combination of free, paid, and owned content. You can follow all such practices to diversify your information reach across several platforms.

Also, meet the guidelines of every form of content marketing and meet the purpose of getting found.

Final Note 

Content syndication is not new but a relevant content marketing strategy to improve your site’s SEO. You can follow best practices of publishing original and relevant content to get users back to your website. Get in touch with a reliable digital marketing company to devise a result-oriented content syndication plan.

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