10 Reasons You Should Get A Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Not all diamonds created equal, and even the best of them don’t last forever. That why many people beginning to consider getting lab grown diamond rings, which all the brilliance and sparkle of real diamonds without the environmental toll or inherent risk of losing your fortune to thieves. If you thinking about making the switch from mined diamonds to lab grown ones, there are plenty of reasons you so, including these 10 benefits of Lab Grown Diamond Rings.

1) Lab Grown Diamonds Are Not Inherently Fake

Lab-grown diamonds not fake or lower in quality than mined diamonds. Lab grown diamond rings grown from a small piece of diamond, usually about 20 microns in size. This means that even if you purchase an ethically sourced mined diamond and get it cut, your ring likely contain other minerals from its mining source or even chemicals such as resin used to stabilize roughly during mining or polishing. lab grown diamond rings, however, start purely as carbon atoms arranged in a perfect lattice structure. they completely natural and identical to any other pure diamond anywhere on earth. The only difference that they never been inside of Earth.

2) Most People Can’t Tell The Difference Between Cultured And Natural

Even most jewelers can’t tell them apart. It not that they lack experience or training—it’s just that cultured diamonds look, feel, and act so much like natural ones that even experts a hard time spotting a fake. That’s good news for you, as it means more diamond bang for your buck: lab-grown diamonds offer some of nature’s best at prices on par with traditional 3Cs. As any diamond expert will tell you, natural stones are graded by color (D through Z) and clarity (FL to IF), while the cut is a personal choice. Choose Best Lab Grown Diamond Rings.

3) They Have A Lower Environmental Impact

This causes extreme destruction to its surrounding area. While lab-grown diamonds don’t have that same effect on nature, they’re still not a sustainable material—at least not yet. Despite what some companies may claim, lab-grown diamonds aren’t currently carbon-neutral or renewable because they require high levels of energy and technical skill to produce—meaning their environmental impact will remain significant for years to come. However, researchers are trying to find ways around these problems so that lab grown diamond rings can be more environmentally friendly in the future. For now though?

4) They Have A Lower Carbon Footprint

Since lab-grown diamonds made from carbon, they have a lower carbon footprint than mined diamonds. This makes them better for our environment, and better for future generations who will inherit our earth. They’re also far kinder to workers in mines because lab-grown diamonds don’t require them to work underground with heavy equipment that can potentially injure or kill them. For example, The Kimberly Process ensures diamonds come from conflict-free regions and protects workers in diamond mines.

5) They Cost Less Money

Diamonds one of the most expensive gemstones in jewelry and Lab Grown Diamond Rings considered more eco-friendly. It’s common knowledge that diamond mines harm animals, plants, and people. For example, when diamonds discovered in Sierra Leone during the 20th century, there was a war between rebels and the government over diamond mines. They use heavy metals to dig mine holes, destroy trees and put animals in danger. lab grown diamond rings produce no hazardous waste or another negative impact on our environment at all. That is why it is widely agreed as an eco-friendly product these days. Choose Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry In India.

6) Their Production Is More Ethical

One reason why lab-grown diamonds are more ethical than mined diamonds is that they don’t destroy natural resources to produce. Since they are grown in a lab, they can be produced with minimal waste and damage to both nature and people. Lab-grown diamonds also tend to be more environmentally friendly as well. Because of their intricate chemical structures, mined diamonds are hard to recycle. This makes it very hard for jewelers to repurpose them after someone buys them. As opposed to mined diamonds, lab-grown ones easily be recycled because their structure makes it much easier for manufacturers to break down and reshape them into new pieces.

7) They Are More Durable

There are no flaws in a lab-grown diamond, meaning they last forever. Laboratory-grown diamonds damaged before they will show any damage. Natural diamonds often clear, but many imperfections do not show when a diamond is cut, which means that most natural diamonds only about 85% of their mass left after cutting. This fact causes them to crack and wear down much more quickly than lab grown diamond rings, which have no flaws or fractures. lab grown diamond rings are essentially indestructible.

8) They Are Eco-Friendly

If you looking for an alternative to diamonds from a mining company, lab-grown diamonds your best bet. These gems produced in labs by forcing carbon through extreme pressure and heat, leaving only a diamond behind. The same process used to create coal and oil, so it not as dangerous or bad for our environment as many believe. That being said, there3 still some pollution that comes with growing these gems. But they better than regular mined diamonds. For your significant other who cares about sustainability and eco-friendly living conditions, a lab-grown ring right up their alley! (Just don’t tell them where they came from!) Find Best Lab Grown Diamond Rings

9) They Can Help End World Hunger & Poverty

Today, you can have a Lab grown diamond engagement rings that is as unique as you are. There are no limitations on design, size, or color! The only thing holding you back is your imagination and budget. And at a fraction of the cost of diamonds mined from deep inside the earth, there’s no reason not to make your dreams come true!

10) There Are No Limitations On Design, Size, Or Color!

When you buy a diamond ring in a retail store, there are a lot of limitations when it comes to design, size, and color. Most diamonds come in specific standard cuts, colors, and sizes that approved by industry professionals. However, lab grown diamonds give you complete freedom to choose any size diamond you desire, any cut of a diamond that suits your taste, and any color of the diamond you want. When designing your own custom lab-grown diamond ring from scratch there are no limitations on design or customization. Nothing is stopping you from creating something truly unique!

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