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How To Get Blonde Skunk Stripe Hair Black Girl

Skunk hair is easily distinguished from conventional highlights because it prominently displays two different color contrasts, as opposed to regular highlights, which use one color to create a mix of highlighted streaks.

It’s comparable to cutting your hair into two portions and giving each a completely different color. Various skunk hair trends, such as the grunge-meets-cool ’90s trend, have occasionally been observed. Reverse ombre, spunky hair, and many more.

Blonde skunk stripe hair black girl is a very popular skunk stripe because of how great she looks blond color on natural black hair.

Requirement To Get A Blonde Skunk Stripe Hair Black Girl

If you are new to hair coloring, it is best to consult with a professional hairstylist. However if you are confident, follow the steps below.

Hair Dye: To get blonde skunk stripe hair black girl, use hair dye instead of powder bleach and developer to eliminate the need for mixing and weighing.

Comb: Come your hair first because you’ll need to precisely divide the hair you want to color for your skunk stripe on hair.

Gloves: To safeguard your hands when working with chemicals, ensure you have gloves on hand. Grab a towel for your shoulders just in case to prevent your hair color from coming into contact with your skin or clothing.

Long-tail tint brush: While you can apply dye to your hair directly from the applicator, a tint brush will make the process more uniform.

Mirror or a helping hand (optional): You’ll need more visibility if your skunk stripe is placed on the side or back of your head. Think about getting assistance or utilizing a portable mirror.

How To Do Blonde Skunk Stripe Hair Black Girl

Prep: Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary things gathered. The best alternative for coloring your hair is to leave it unwashed since the buildup of natural oils on your hair will shield your scalp from itching.

Section off: The location is key to the skunk stripe’s enchantment, so be careful to separate off the area you want to dye neatly. The nape of your neck, bangs, or even a single stripe are options.

Mix Dye: Don your gloves and proceed according to the instructions on the dye box of your choosing.

Apply: You can use the applicator bottle tip or a long tail tint brush to apply the color, working your way up from the tips to the roots. Observe the processing instructions on your dye’s packaging.

Style: You’ve finished the skunk stripe on your hair. Congrats! You can now style your hair after properly conditioning and moisturizing it. Try a sleek ponytail or voluminous ‘fro to highlight the skunk stripe on your hair.

How to maintain a blonde skunk stripe hair black girl?

Skunk stripe hair necessitates maintenance because this is the case anytime you color your hair. It’s best to schedule a touch-up appointment roughly every six to ten weeks to cool down, tone, and brighten your color at the roots. 

Additionally, you’ll need to incorporate a few nourishing products into your routine to keep your hair looking healthy in between treatments.

Apply the shampoo and a conditioner pair formulated mainly for color-treated hair. The moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner are best for your hair’s shinier and greater liveliness.


You must know what you need for a skunk stripe dye if you want to make new changes in your look. Make sure to follow all the steps diligently to avoid damaging your hair.

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