Benefits of setting up a transcription business in Dubai

Transcription is the method of typing up recorded video or audio files. Transcribed articles are used by professionals including doctors, lawyers, and conference speakers for future reference and data maintenance. Due to the nature of transcription, it is in fact a very promising industry for those who enjoy working from home. Starting a transcribing business can be a profitable side hustle or an expansion of an existing enterprise. Business Set up Dubai that specialise in transcription work with several sectors, including the healthcare industry, to transform audio files into printed formats. Because one can easily start putting it into practice in their limited time, it is quite manageable with little time.

This particular company offers a unique business prototype that expands the capability to serve distant consumers using the knowledge of employees who work from their homes. You can benefit from a variety of benefits by establishing your transcribing business in Dubai, including minimal entry hurdles and operating costs. The advantages of launching a transcribing business in Dubai are as follows.

Dynamic Growth Potential

 Growth comes easily as your transcription company adds new clients and assignments. Adding transcriptionists might merely require more server space and processing power. Most of the time, you can accomplish this right away. With a GDP of over AED 1.5 trillion, the Emirates are the centre of the second-largest Arab economy behind Saudi Arabia. A large and diverse economy offers a wide range of opportunities for business owners. A strong economy encourages investment and facilitates reliance. Companies are happy to invest in Dubai business setting as a result, and the economic upswing continues.

Global Marketplace

With the ability to operate virtually, transcription businesses can expand their reach into almost any part of the world. Any area of Dubai makes it possible to connect with clients from various parts of the world. This is accomplished through the Internet or other communication methods, like VPN, dedicated lines, or even dial-up telephone lines for remote areas. Dubai is situated halfway between Europe and the Far East, as well as between Africa and the Commonwealth of Independent States. It is connected to 85 airlines, more than 130 overseas places, and 120 or more shipping lines. Because of this, it is easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Ease of Residence Visas

The UAE openly announced in 2019 the availability of long-term residency visas that allow business owners and their staff members to live and work here without the old law of keeping a sponsor, making it considerably easier for industries to transfer to the Emirates. In contrast to the older requirement that a business outside the free trade zone have a regional partner with at least a 51 percent holding, these visas are given to eligible individuals and their families for up to 10 years, renew automatically, and offer 100 percent ownership of one’s own company. The goal is to increase Dubai’s appeal to business professionals, especially start-ups and entrepreneurs. This gives you more freedom when it comes to sponsoring families and more time to devote to your transcribing company.

TAX policy

There is no direct tax on the income of individuals or corporations in Dubai, and the government of Dubai governs and regulates the meagre operations of the private sector. With most of the world’s major retail hubs, it has double taxation agreements and the lowest import duties of any free trade economy. Industries are permit to hire employees from any country in the world thanks to the lax labour policies. With government safeguards in place to stop corruption and money laundering, Dubai also has the dignity of distinguishing out as a respectable location for doing business. Even the cost of forming an LLC in Dubai is fairly reasonable. Your transcribing firm will benefit immensely from this.

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Robust Leadership and government

Dubai’s current status as a global hub is the result of its incredibly strong leaders, whose foresight fueled the city’s expansion. Due to Dubai’s strong support of SMEs, foreign companies are now willing to do business there. In particular, Dubai’s Smart City 2021 plan is modernising the city and reshaping how government services are deliver. Additionally, it promotes happiness and draws greater attention to the country while aiding in the formation of private division alliances. Another momentous occasion for the UAE that will increase its international awareness is Expo Dubai 2021. Additionally, it contributes to expanding domestic travel, which was already expanding before the pandemic. Your transcribing business will be very successful because the UAE is home to 180 different ethnicities.

Prosperous Standard of Living

In this booming metropolis, Dubai’s residents lead secure and contented lives. Additionally, it is home to a sizable population of foreign residents who make it one of the best multipurpose cities in the world. In terms of infrastructure, academic facilities, property investment, and recreational facilities, Dubai is also the most cutting-edge emirate. With one of the lowest rates of crime, it is also one of the safest cities. As a result, by beginning your own transcribing company, you have the chance to increase your income and benefit from national security.


Dubai is a global hub for both commerce and industry. It is encourage to grow into a region that welcomes foreign direct investment. Additionally, it differs from its gaits in terms of financial diversification and long-term growth. Therefore, get in touch with us even if it’s just for wise counsel if you choose llc business formation in Dubai. We have a team of experts available to help you with business creation, registration, and consultation around-the-clock.


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