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How To Dye Virgin Bundle Hair?

Bundle hair is made of hair that has never undergone chemical processing. They had no perming, bleaching, color treatments, highlights, or ombré hair. Due to their enduring quality and ability to give ladies a natural look, they are among the most expensive hairstyles.

Even if you dye your hair once, you will always lose some of the virgin strands. Virgin hair bundle hair has never undergone chemical processing, but you can still color it with little harm to the hair. The virgin bundle hair will give you a more attractive outcome because it is simpler to style than hair extensions that have not undergone chemical processing.

Compared to other hair extensions, virgin bundle hair lasts longer. However, how well you take care of the extensions also plays a role. Virgin hair is incredibly beautiful and healthy.

Where to get virgin bundle hair?

There are many options available, whether you’re a regular buyer or a first-timer. HF features lovely collections of Brazilian hair, whether you’re seeking deep wavy bundles or body wave virgin bundles.

You can select from various lengths including black and blonde.

Can You Dye Virgin Bundle Hair? 

Similar to natural hair, virgin bundle hair lets you experiment with color. You may cut, dye, style with heat, and more! Before applying the dye, color a small part of the hair; this procedure is also known as a strand test. After that, you can use it on every bundle of hair.

To absorb the blonde color, the bundle of hair must be thoroughly bleached. To get the desired hue, you will need to apply it once more. Conduct a strand test first.

How to dye body wave virgin bundle hair?

Be ready with two containers of permanent hair dye, a hair dye brush, a bowl to store your dye, scissors, plastic bags, and a pair of gloves. Once you have everything prepared, follow these easy instructions.

To prevent the color from spilling over the table or floor, take your plastic bag and place it over the bundle of hair. After loosening your virgin bundle hair, mix your hair dye in a basin with your dye brush.

Apply a small amount of dye to the tips of your hair. Flip it over and continue the process after you’ve finished coloring one side.

When applying, slightly open up the hair with the brush’s bristles to ensure that the color covers all of the hair.

Make sure to apply the dye as close to the weave as possible without saturating the strand. It’s quite acceptable if you accidentally get dye on the weft. After finishing the operation, rinse and wash the weft, or you can leave it as nobody will notice it.

Your hair extensions should be processed for 30 to 1 hour after coloring them, followed by shampooing and conditioning.

Finally! You’ll have flawlessly colored hair after drying.


If you’re wondering how to dye black jet virgin hair wigs, follow the same steps.  Additionally, they can be colored just like your natural hair, though it is advised to buy colored bundles, so there is no chance of hair damage.




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