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3 Ingredients to Look for in an Indulgent Coconut Body Scrub

Who knew a sugar body scrub could be so indulgent? It can! It all comes down to the ingredients. Some body scrubs are known for having harsher ingredients. While they exfoliate, they can leave skin red and dried out in the long run. But not all sugar body scrubs are cut from the same cloth. Some are incredibly indulgent. So, as you browse the body scrub options available, what should you look for? You want exfoliants, like sucrose (or white sugar). But you also want indulgent ingredients like shea butter and mango butter. The next time you order a coconut body scrub, or any scrub made with your favorite scent, here are a few ingredients to look for. Plus, find out what makes them so indulgent!

Shea Butter for a Moisturizing Coconut Body Scrub

When it comes to clean beauty, shea butter is a welcome addition. This plant-derived butter comes from the nut of the shea tree, which is indigenous to central Africa. This ingredient found its way into skincare products, like body scrubs and body butters, because it hydrates. But more than that, shea butter nourishes and is a source of vitamins and antioxidants, which your skin loves. Shea butter is also a source of a fatty acid called linoleic acid, which helps moisturize. Bring all these traits together, and you can see why you’d want it in your coconut body scrub. Shea butter gives back to your skin as the sugar and other exfoliants help smooth away dry and dead skin.

Mango Butter for Soft, Nourished Skin

Another butter! As you might have guessed, mango butter is derived from the mango—the mango seed, specifically. Mango butter has a lot in common with shea butter. In a coconut body scrub (or any body scrub), it can help nourish the skin thanks to vitamins like E and C. These vitamins are also antioxidants. Vitamin C, for instance, may help even out your complexion. It’s known for having a brightening effect. And as a plant-based butter, mango butter can also be delightfully hydrating. That’s crucial as you exfoliate. You want to ensure you don’t leave skin irritated or dry at the end of your weekly scrub. Mango butter is one of several ingredients that help you avoid this. Instead, you can get soft, moisturized skin.

Hemp Seed Oil Brings Even More Hydration

The hemp plant is incredibly versatile. So many valuable things come from these plants, including hemp seed oil. Like shea butter, hemp seed oil is another source of linoleic acid. This fatty acid is just one of many fatty acids in hemp seed oil that can help moisturize skin. That’s really the theme with these three ingredients. Shea butter, mango butter, and hemp seed oil all help hydrate and moisturize, and they’re nourishing. When added to a scrub, like a coconut body scrub, they add that signature indulgence. Thanks to their hydrating and moisturizing nature, they help give back to your skin. Then after exfoliating, you’re left with softer skin. Want even smoother skin? After exfoliating with a sugar body scrub, reach for a body butter! But not just any body butter—a body butter with shea butter, mango butter, and hemp seed oil.

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