Why is BCU Perfect for Pakistani Students?

Birmingham City University, commonly known as BCU, is half a century old international university in Birmingham, England. It was first established as an art school during the nineteenth century but got the status of a university after almost a century in 1971. Since then, it has been serving students from every nook and corner of the world and enabling them to contribute to the progress and development of international communities.

The United Kingdom is often the first choice of many Pakistani students when it comes to international studies, as they are well acquainted with Cambridge education. Birmingham City University also has a significant number of enrolled and alumni Pakistani students, and more should join it as it is the best in numerous aspects.

Get an in-depth read of this article and explore all the details if you are confused and curious to learn why Birmingham City University is a perfectly ideal pick for Pakistani students.

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Top 8 Reasons Pakistani Students Should Join BCU

When it comes to continuing higher studies at the international level, Pakistani and other international students have too many choices, even if they narrow down to the United Kingdom only. However, Birmingham City University is undoubtedly the best option of all, and there are many hidden and obvious reasons behind it.

The major reasons Pakistani students should join Birmingham City University for higher studies include the following:

1.Internationally Accredited Courses

Birmingham City University offer internationally accredited courses to Pakistani students. The top on the list is ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). Moreover, engineering programs are also accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). Due to this, students contact education consultants Pakistan to get guidance and secure their admission at BCU for a brighter future.

2.International Scholarships

All the students applying to the undergraduate and postgraduate stud programs at Birmingham City University are automatically eligible for a 2000£ scholarship. Apart from that, the university offers multiple other international scholarships and financing options to deserving students, which is another major highlight and reason Pakistani students should join it for higher studies.

3.Work Placements

Birmingham City University does not only provide bookish knowledge to the students but ensures to expose and train them for practical life. As a part of this effort, the university offers work placement opportunities and has partnered with numerous renowned organizations and industries. It ensures the students can apply their learning to practical life and gain more experience by the time they earn their degrees.

4.Accommodation Facilities

Another significant reason Pakistani students should join Birmingham City University is that it offers accommodation facilities too. As soon as you have secured admission to the university, you are liable to apply for university accommodation too. Some students even explore university partnered accommodations. The students are free to explore accommodation on their own too if they want.

5.Earning Opportunities

One of the biggest reasons Birmingham City University is an ideal pick for Pakistani students is that it allows and even ensures earning opportunities. The university realizes that financing education for international students is hard, thus allowing them to explore work opportunities within the campus and outside too. The interested students can contact student employment agency and get suggestions and opportunities which do not negatively impact their studies.

6.Global Atmosphere

Another significant reason for Pakistani students to join Birmingham City University is that it offers a global atmosphere. The university offers admission to students from across the globe, which ensures a multicultural campus life. The students get the opportunity to learn about various cultures and ethnicities and make the most of the enriching cultural atmosphere in their student and practical life.

7.Career Guidance

Birmingham City University ensures and offers career counseling and guidance to interested students, which is an important reason Pakistani students should join it. No matter you are interested in settling there or coming back to your home country, you can always utilize career counseling to find your direction in life and excel in it for the progress and benefit of your community.

8.Easy Admission Process

Birmingham City University offers and ensures an easy admission process to enable more and more international students to become a part of it. The students can easily fill out the admission application on the website of the university and provide all the required documentary proofs. Apart from that, you can also utilize the help of a representative to take care of admission. So, contact education consultants Pakistan to complete the process while you focus on your career aspirations.

Eager to join Birmingham City University?

Well, you do not need to think twice about it at all. Once you have decided on the course programs you want to pursue, contact educational consultants and let them take care of all details and documentary requirements of the admission process. Prepare to start a new and exciting chapter of your life with expert help.

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