Ryzen AMP Processors: What Should You Know?

When talking about the processors for your computer or laptop; many of you might be coming across the name ryzen, right? Do you really know what it means? Well, it is the brand name of AMD’s latest  as well as the most efficient –family of computer processors. 

Actually it was initially released in 2017, Ryzen cpus and apus are constructed on AMD’s highly-evolved Zen type of microarchitecture, the eighth generation of AMD processor technology, and underlines the company’s first main processor introduction since the FX/A6 series nearly five years ago. Of course, you can find the best AMD processor for your system once you dig in.

Anyhow, ryzen processors won fast approval from technology analysts and reviewers who believe that AMD could now compete with Intel in form of processor performance, not simply the price. And not to miss that many laptop brands too have the latest versions of this AMD processors. So, the point is you can be watchful about what exactly you are looking for and then choose one.

How is Ryzen AMD for Gamers?

Well, it is true that computer game players were apparently among the target audience for Ryzen, mainly given AMD’s long standing for superior graphics. And for game play, Ryzen – having all its improved per-core performance and fresh overclocking features outperforms previous type of AMD processors by a considerable margin. So, for most of the gamers in the present time, especially those who don’t really collect their own custom-configured, game-optimized type of systems, a Ryzen-powered type of personal computer is a logical choice and might save a lot of money too.

Early standard tests found Ryzen chips performed quite less well for some games than the finest Intel Core i chips at the time. However, not to miss that the AMD executives and different game manufacturers predicted that constant performance tuning (by both AMD and game developers) is going to help Ryzen catch up swiftly. In addition, Ryzen is available in a hyper-powered Thread ripper version having 16 cores and 32 threads that might even be a good option for the ones assembling their own gaming type of platforms.

So, the point is you can be watchful about what exactly you are looking for and then choose one.

What Makes Ryzen Different?

If you see from a marketing perspective, AMD has clearly for the first time adopted the overall now-standard 3-5-7 processor terminology to distinguish base units (Ryzen 3) from that of mid-range (Ryzen 5) and high-performance (that of Ryzen 7) offerings. Be wise , however. There is some overlay between Ryzen categories, so on the basis of the specifications , a high-end Ryzen 3 could be faster than that of a low-end Ryzen 5, in some instances.   Furthermore, Ryzen has:

  • Tinier 14nm transistor structure that takes up less power and produces less heat
  • Lesser shared resources — making every single core quite discrete and self-adequate
  • Enhanced intra-processor links for on-the-fly type of adjustments to core or thread utilization


So, when looking for the top AMD processor, make sure that you keep the Ryzen options in mind. You never know which one turns out to be the apt fit for your usage.

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