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7 Steps Which Will Make Scholarly Journal Article Perfect

Scholarly journal articles provide scientific quality in their research work. You have to study empirical studies in your field to present the findings of research work. Every year, students must write research papers in their specific subject to complete their degree program. Many students will fail while publishing their research papers as they do not follow the guidelines and do not know how to write journal articles effectively. If your article provides accurate information with proper references, you can publish them in suitable journals. In other words, journals will accept only excellent articles. If your article is accepted in a journal, it will positively impact your career.

You have made efforts to write a scholarly journal article for about 6 to 12 months, but your effort will all be in vain during publishing time when you do not meet the specified guidelines. It happens when you do not know the important rules required by the journal while writing your paper and which mistakes you must avoid. Do not worry if you do not know how to write a journal article in a perfect way. We are here to provide you with top step-by-step guidelines that will make your scholarly journal article superb. You will see that your scholarly journal article has been accepted in one go.

7 Steps that Make Your Journal Article Compelling and Effective:

In the publication process, scholarly journal articles are passed through a strict peer-review process. Peer reviewers only pass out the articles that are 100% accurate. To construct a compelling journal article, you must follow some important points. Here, we will provide helpful tips that will make your research paper impactful in the eyes of the peer-reviewed.

1. Brainstorm While Choosing The Topic:

Choosing a topic is the first important step when you start writing your journal article. You need to keep some important points in mind when choosing the topic. Ask some important questions like:

  • Is it logical?
  • Is the topic argumentative?
  • Is the topic relative to your field?

However, there are some tips you also need to follow while choosing the right topic for your scholarly journal article.

  • Do brainstorming.
  • Do not choose a very common topic.
  • Choose a unique topic.
  • Outline and structure your topic.
  • Form a topic into a question.

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2. Identify The Journal Where You Want To Submit Your Article:

It is also the main step you must follow before writing your article. Consider the target journal where you want to publish your article. Here you can see the journal’s requirements and guidelines. It would help if you saw the articles published before in the journals relative to your research field. You will understand how to write and structure your article efficiently from this. It will increase the chances of the acceptance of your article.

You can also get advice from your seniors and supervisors to guide you on which journal is suitable for your article. Observe deeply what other publishers will do while writing the article.

3. Write Scholarly Journal Article Efficiently:

It would help to consider the target audience while writing a journal article. You also have to focus on the topic of your research paper and gather valuable data accordingly. It is somehow the most crucial part, and if you make an error in this part, your paper will not be accepted. You need to structure your paper and then start writing on it. You must grasp the most important points to make your scholarly journal article perfect.

  • Cite your sources properly.
  • Write the references list at the end of the paper.
  • Make sure that the introduction and conclusion part is compelling.
  • Consider the target audience.
  • Add an argumentative statement in the discussion part of your article.
  • Write a logical abstract where you give an overview of your topic.
  • Check did you gather all informative and useful data.
  • Do not forget to write the methodology section in which you write all the methods you used in your research process.
  • Use an effective title for your research article.

4. Create A Logical Framework:

It is also one of the most important steps you must follow to make your journal article perfect. In this step, you need to structure your article so that the readers will understand your paper’s flow and easily understand what you want to say. In this way, you will make an effective image of your research findings. Let’s consider what the general logical framework for your journal article is:

  • Title.
  • Keywords.
  • Abstract (Provide the overview of the topic, research methods and findings)
  • Acknowledgement.
  • Introduction.
  • Main Body.
  • Conclusion.
  • References and citations.

5. void Your Journal Article From Plagiarism:

It is one of the necessary top steps that you need to avoid the paper from plagiarism. Do not try to copy-paste other journal works into your research paper. There are some tips you need to follow to avoid plagiarism. Otherwise, your paper will not be accepted and will negatively affect your work.

  • Do not try to rephrase other articles’ statements in your paper.
  • Take an idea from other scholars and describe it in your own words.
  • Run your journal article on the plagiarism checker tool before submitting it. It will show you where your plagiarism occurs, and then try to remove it.

6. Proofread Your Journal Article By An Expert:

Proofreading is the most vital step once you are done with your writing process. It would help if you rechecked your article; there will be minor and major mistakes; try to remove them from your article. You should consult with an expert in your field and ask them to recheck your article.

7. Check The Professor’s Comment:

There may be chances that your article will come back to you for the revision process. Your professor will add comments on your mistakes. Read the comments, remove your mistakes from the article, and then submit it again.


This article describes the 7 important steps that will make your scholarly journal article perfect. Look at the above steps and effectively write your journal article. There is great competition when submitting a journal article. Only 20% of the journal articles are accepted every year. To win in the race and want the journals to accept your article, follow the above guidelines. Your article will be perfect in the first 20% of journals. Best of Luck!

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