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What should you consider when choosing headphones for streaming?

When choosing headphones, you should think about sound quality, noise isolation, comfort, connectivity, microphone, and your own preferences.

Sound quality

You want headphones that sound better, so that’s a given. All of the headphones on our list will sound better than the free earbuds that come with your new phone, but sound quality is also a matter of personal taste. For example, you might like more bass or more warmth.

Surround sound is something that your new headphones should have. There are both virtual and real ones. Virtual surround sound is made with software, while true surround sound is made with ear cups that can be moved to let you hear sounds from different places. Virtual surround sound is usually enough for streaming, especially for rhythm-based games like Geometry Dash.

Noise isolation

Many streamers want to block out background noise so they don’t get distracted while they’re live. There may be no noise isolation at all or different amounts of noise isolation in different headsets. Noise is directly linked to how good the sound is and how well the headphones seal around your ears. If the ear cups don’t fit well around your ears, they won’t block out as much noise.

The best way to figure out how well a headset blocks out noise is to try it on before you buy it, but that isn’t always possible. Pay attention to the reviews and look for comments about whether or not the headphones fit well.


This one’s easy. The headphones need to fit well on your head. If they are too tight or too loose, you won’t be able to wear them for more than a few minutes, let alone a whole streaming session. Comfort can also mean how the headphones are made, whether they are wireless or have wires, and many other things. Comfort is personal, so you’ll have to figure out on your own what makes you feel best. Read online reviews to find out how other people have used their headsets in real life.


You have to make sure that the headphones you choose will work with the platforms, hardware, and software you are using. Before you buy a set of headphones, you should always look at the specs to see if they will work with your system. Some headphones are wireless or connect with Bluetooth, so check the battery life of these models before buying.


If you want to stream with a headset, you need a good microphone. Think about whether you’ll mostly use your headset or a standing microphone when you’re streaming. If you want to stream with an XLR microphone, you will need an audio interface or a mixer. This hardware setup will also be able to handle headphones of a higher quality. You can also search for microphone test videos to see how good a headset’s microphone is.


The way headphones fit in your ears or on your head is what gives them their type. You should think about these three types:

In-ear: In-ear headphones fit inside your ear and send vibrations of sound directly to your ear. They are small and easy to carry, but they only have a few frequencies and can cause noise-induced hearing loss if you use them often at high volumes.

Over-ear: The cups of over-ear headphones go all the way around the ear to block out extra sounds. They’re also known as circumaural. Closed-back and open-back are the two kinds. Closed-back headphones block out noise the best, but they can be hard on your eardrums. Open-back headphones have a small hole in the back to let some sound out, but other people can also hear what you’re listening to.

On-ear: On-ear headphones sit on the ear but don’t completely cover it. The pressure on your ears is the least with these, but they also let in the most background noise.

In short, you’re halfway there once you’ve thought about your goal, design, portability, and price. I hope this helps you narrow down your choices and choose the perfect pair, even if you still feel confused or swayed by your options.

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