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Strategies For Promoting Videos To Increase YouTube Views (2023)

Some may contend that promoting a YouTube channel is equiv樂威壯
alent to admitting that your videos won’t get authentic views.
This would have been a good point if it had been the year 2008. But after 30 years, the Internet has evolved into a much more democratic medium than it once was. This implies that a YouTube content creator’s chances of success are inversely correlated with their marketing skill rather than their income. Due to the daily upload of about 500 hours of video content to YouTube, the best strategy for marketing your YouTube videos and channel as a whole is required. Do not be alarmed—this is why we are here! Learn how to increase YouTube views and promote YouTube videos by reading this article all the way through.

Techniques for Promoting YouTube Videos And Increase YouTube Views

Now that we’ve covered the many avenues for YouTube marketing, let’s get to the meat of the matter and look at how you can promote your own YouTube videos:

  1. Create video titles that emphasise keywords

You can gain more organic views by targeting the right keywords in your video content. Relevant keywords aid in educating both the search engine and your audience about the subject of your video.

  1. Use Specific Tags

The YouTube tags you use to identify your video content help the system determine what viewers may expect from your video.

These should effectively convey the main points of your video, along with its title and description. When developing your video tags, take into account short-tail SEO.

  1. Improve the content of your videos.

Your YouTube content should add value to the lives of your viewers, whether it is through teaching them how to do or understand something, or just by maintaining their attention and engagement.

When people enjoy your videos, they will watch more of them and recommend them to others, which will raise your subscription and view counts in the future.

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  1. Create the Top-Notch Thumbnail Image You Can

The thumbnail image for your YouTube video can work wonders for increasing your YouTube views, whether it appears on other social media networks, the suggested videos section, or the organic results page.

If your video features close-ups of faces, utilise high-quality images and readable, attractive typography to attract as much attention as possible.

5. Use video cards

You can utilise cards, a hugely popular YouTube optimization technique, to advertise other videos on your channel within the one that is presently playing. You can create cards for the following purposes:

  • Publish more video content
  • Up the quantity of channel subscribers.
  • Make a donation to a nonprofit organisation.
  • Encourage users to vote in a poll to increase traffic and engagement.

Use these types of cards to encourage viewers to check out your less popular content and subscribe to your channel in order to improve the number of views for your videos.

Utilize YouTube statistics to identify the timestamp at which viewers abandoned your video. Then, carefully place your card in advance to guarantee that more people see it.

YouTube behavioural analytics provides you with a variety of useful data and indicators to help you make the best decisions possible regarding how to increase the number of views on your videos.


These are some of the strategies for promoting videos to increase YouTube views. If you want to grow your channel and do YouTube music promotion then you can apply these strategies.

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