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Does Naruto Die In Boruto: What Happened With Naruto

Does Naruto die in boruto: Hey Audience! The first episode of the Boruto anime offered a glimpse into a future in which the Leaf Village had been destroyed, and Naruto seemed dead.

This is true in Episode 231 of the Boruto anime series. More information will be provided in the last section. Although there are no signs that Naruto is dead, he could have been hurt but not killed. Although it is implied that Naruto was dead at the time, we have not seen his body.

Naruto Almost Died In Boruto: Does Naruto Die In Boruto

Naruto is very close to death in the Boruto anime series. It happened during the battle against Jigen. Isshiki Oksutsuki was revealed to be possessing Jigen.

Is Naruto Going To Die Without Kurama

Naruto losing Kurama was a crucial moment.

Naruto Shippuden, Boruto Characters: Wikipedia

We don’t think so. Naruto didn’t use Kurama as much as he should.

We think that Naruto’s death at the battle is not due to Kurama’s absence. With enough chakra, skills, and experience, he can overcome any challenge.

Naruto To Get Kurama Back In Boruto

This mystery remains. We are in a new position and don’t know what Kurama will do. While we hope to see Kurama later, there is no guarantee.

 Naruto’s Future Fate: Does Naruto Die In Boruto

Like all characters, Naruto will eventually die and be succeeded by the Eight Hokage. We don’t see Naruto passing away before he turns 80.

He has been the foundation of Kishimoto’s franchise since the beginning. Even though the story now focuses on his son, Naruto still plays a vital role in the franchise’s future.

There are no hints that Naruto died too early, so we think that Kishimoto won’t continue the story after Naruto is over.

Naruto is a character that has been around for so many years and is a hallmark of the franchise.

We doubt there will be a more excellent plot in which Naruto must be killed. But, it would be absurd for Kishimoto. Boruto Uzumaki hasn’t yet outsold his father in popularity, and we don’t believe he will ever.                                                                    Read Also: Demon slayer rengoku death

Does Sasuke Die In Boruto?

It is important to remember that Naruto and Kurama lost the battle against Jigen. Jigen was later taken over by Isshiki Oksutsuki.

Naruto could stop Isshiki from killing Sasuke and his clones with his clones. Sasuke fled along with his Rinnegan.

Naruto taunted Isshiki, and Kurama claimed that Isshiki never intended to kill him. Kurama also stated that Isshiki could change his mind at any time.

Kawaki and Team 7 were determined to save them.

Boruto teleported Isshiki and Naruto to the dimension where Isshiki sealed their bodies. Kurama saw this and was quick to correct it.

Kurama suggested Naruto try a last resort to stop Isshiki. Naruto explained that he knew the risks and was willing to die to become a Hokage.

Kurama explained to Naruto that the mode was based on the same principles of nuclear fusion.

Kurama noticed that this mode gradually depleted all of Naruto’s life force.

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