What offerings are a digital marketing company source?

Since the beginning of the 21st century, two decades ago, we have been absorbed in a global, hyper-connected, always-online society, providing countless advantages as we develop our business activity. A few decades ago, to be present in the cultural memory was a privilege reserved for only a few brands. However, most of the general public is connected. Mobile phones and tablets have given us almost continuous access to the digital world. Internet, social media networks, and other technical advances enable our brand to be an integral part of the lives of our current and prospective customers and users.

This situation allows us to continuously impact our potential, although we must bear in mind that an excess of presence can negatively affect our brand. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully analyze which actions are undertaken in pursuit of the search or customer loyalty to add value and avoid the mere presence of being to be, which can negatively impact our search results and irritate users.

For our digital presence to be as optimal as possible, we have the option of going to digital marketing agencies specializing in services that will allow us to leave an indelible mark on our potential clients. These agencies offer us a wide range of options in terms of digital services. Because of its market infancy, the concept of a digital marketing agency can sometimes confuse clients. Activities typical of a classic advertising agency are often attributed to them. And while it is true that in many other cases, advertising agencies have been expanding their services to adapt to the new digital needs of the market. Digital marketing agencies generally specialize in promotional actions within the digital environment.

So exactly what services does a digital marketing agency offer? Below, we list the most significant.

Inbound Advertising

Inbound Marketing refers to all the non-intrusive marketing methods that enable us to reach new users via various digital marketing services actions, such as search engine optimization, social media presence, and content marketing. As we discussed at the outset of this article, our brand’s guiding principle should be providing high-quality content to the user. Incoming is based on this principle.

Inbound Marketing emphasizes the four steps of the purchase cycle: attract, convert, close and delight. These stages will allow us to transform a stranger into a loyal customer, who will not only be satisfied with us but will also extend said satisfaction to their direct environment.

SEO positioning

SEO (English Search Engine Optimization, or search engine optimization) is a marketing strategy that allows us to optimize our website so that it is better positioned in search engine results.

Several studies show that the better positioned our website is in the results of Google and other search engines, the better the impact it will have on the user. Very few people are still browsing page 2 of Google results. They prefer to perform a new search. For this reason, SEO has become an essential tool to achieve the desired objective: to occupy the first position among the results of the searches carried out by users.

SEM positioning

On the other hand, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) consists of carrying out advertising campaigns on the Google network. Therefore, the SEM will allow us to impact the client’s mind, even when he does not actively seek us. For example, when our campaigns are shown to a user searching for a product similar to ours.

PPC campaigns, or pay per click, allow the advertiser to pay only for those clicks obtained on their ad. In other words, if the possible client does not show interest in the advertisement. If and does not click on it to receive more information, it will not incur any cost for the advertiser. For this reason, for this type of service, it is vital to create attractive promotions. That attracts the user’s attention and encourages him to click on the ad.

Social Network Management

One of the pillars of the services of a digital marketing consultant is, without a doubt, the management of social networks. Today, due to their great impact and the fact that they do not have initial costs, practically all companies have one or more profiles on social networks. However, feeding and managing these social channels generates a volume of work greater than many companies are capable of absorbing. In addition, the high competition forces companies to innovate in communicating. Providing relevant content for the user in an attractive and innovative format.

For all these reasons, outsourcing this type of service to agencies or freelancers has become commonplace. Social networks are one more medium in direct contact with your client. So carrying out professional and adequate management is essential.

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Facebook campaigns

As a complement to the management of social networks, it is inevitable to talk about advertising campaigns. Thus, Facebook campaigns are a very interesting option for promoting ourselves. Since Facebook is the social network with the most users. Therefore, an efficient campaign in this channel can guarantee a significant increase in the volume. Interaction and follow-up of the page (and, therefore, of loyal users) and the visit to our website.

There are various campaigns on this social network and others, such as Instagram.

Content creation

Another of the many services that a digital marketing agency can offer is to help us generate attractive. And interesting content that we can use in the different marketing tools or on our social networks. Thus, we will achieve an efficient form of promotion that will help transform users into potential clients.

In conclusion, the wide variety of options offered by a digital marketing agency will surely guarantee an improvement. Digital presence provides us with optimal results in the actions we develop as a brand.

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