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Steps for HTML to WordPress Conversion

WordPress is a popular open-source CMS therefore, as a business owner, you might consider switching from HTML to WordPress. As per Builtwith, currently, there are 34,896,678 WordPress customers.

HTML could be a good option for websites that only need to showcase their content. On the other hand, WordPress offers more options. It can be used to build both a static and dynamic website. Furthermore, considering its popularity, it has a board and supportive community of developers that can always assist whenever needed.

It is easy to manage; therefore, you may not need a developer to make minor changes after the development process. Whereas, for HTML websites, you’ll require coding knowledge even to make minor changes.

This blog will discuss the steps of converting your HTML sites to WordPress.

How To Convert Website From HTML To WordPress?

You can leverage the platform benefits when you convert your HTML web pages to WordPress. 

Let’s discuss the migration steps in detail; however, you can hire WordPress developers for a smooth transition.

Step 1: Create a Theme Folder

To begin, create a folder on your desktop, similar to what you would for a directory on your computer. Next, open the code editor and create a text file. You’ll need to create five different files and name them as mentioned below:

  • Style.css
  • Index.php
  • Header.php
  • Sidebar.php
  • Footer.php

You should keep these files open in the editor without doing anything about them yet.

Step 2: Copy CSS Code

Next, create a WordPress Style Sheet by copying the entire CSS coding from the website you need to revamp. Prepare a style sheet to do that; it is the style.css file you created in the previous step. From your current site’s source, copy and paste the style sheet.

You should now fill out your new WordPress theme’s style sheet header. These are:

Theme Name – Name of your choice

Theme URL – The site address

Author – Your name

Author URL – Link to the homepage that’s being created

Description – Add a brief description of the theme

Version – Start with 1.0.

License, License URL, Tags – this part comes into play only when the theme is submitted to the WordPress directory.

After the header, copy and paste the present CSS from your HTML website to your new theme folder and close it.

You may seek help from a WordPress development company if you find it difficult, as that may cause you more trouble.

Step 3: Separate Existing HTML

Data is retrieved using PHP in the WordPress database; therefore, you need to split the HTML code. You should break your HTML into pieces and add the code to the separate PHP files. For example, in the header.php file, the header section of your HTML file should be included, footer.php in the footer section, and so on.

Step 4: Change the Stylesheet to WordPress Format

The next step is linking external sheets in your HTML file by adding a <link> tag to your code. To match the format of WordPress, you can modify the code. For this, you will have to add relevant PHP functionality.

Step 5: Upload Your Theme

In the final step, your theme will be ready if you carefully follow the steps mentioned. Now you can upload this theme to your WordPress website and activate it.

For a detailed analysis, go through the comprehensive HTML To WordPress conversion guide.

Comprehensive Guide On HTML To WordPress Conversion


These were steps to follow for converting from HTML to WordPress websites. By converting, you can leverage the WordPress benefits for your development project. Additionally, you can partner with a reliable development company for quick migration service.

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