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What Are the Features Allscripts Offers?

Cloud-based medical software allows all users to access the same upgrades in real-time. Data sharing is quick and easy, and the number of users can scale with ease. Allscripts maintains secure servers for all of its users. What’s more, Allscripts’ interface is user-friendly and offers revenue-cycle management. Let’s learn more about Allscripts’s capabilities. This article will provide an overview of some of its key features.

Allscripts offers cloud and on-premise EHR solutions

Allscripts has been an industry leader in EHR solutions for more than 15 years. With over a million clients, Allscripts EHR has grown to become a global leader in the health IT market. It’s software solutions are both cloud and on-premise. Allscripts is working with Microsoft to build a cloud-based clinical research technology. The company recently announced a five-year agreement with Microsoft to support its Sunrise electronic health record. The partnership will focus on co-innovation and smarter technology for healthcare providers.

Cloud-based EHR solutions are easier to implement and scale. The software is hosted on secure servers. Users can easily access their records and update them as necessary. Upgrades are automatic and seamless, so there’s no waiting for software to be installed in the office. The cloud-based EHR solution is available for a one-time fee or on an ongoing subscription basis. Allscripts provides both cloud and on-premise solutions for physicians.

It integrates with ePrescribe

ePrescribe integration has many benefits, including the ability to track patient medication and adherence. PDMP data can be updated and shared with other providers. A recent survey of PDMP users in Wisconsin found that users were more satisfied with PDMP data when they could access it through their EHR systems, instead of having to log into separate websites. The integration of patient prescription information into clinical workflows is an excellent way to minimize administrative work and time spent entering data.

In addition to Allscripts integration with ePrescribe, Google Health will benefit from the integration. The two will allow physicians to securely transfer a patient’s medication history. NEPSI, a coalition of electronic prescribing companies, offers the ePrescribe solution for free for participating physicians. Google is a search sponsor of NEPSI. Both companies aim to improve patient access to specialty medications.
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It has a user-friendly interface

Allscripts is a web-based medical practice management software. It works well for scheduling but has many complications and a poor user interface. The interface is not intuitive and users have to click through several tabs to get to the information they need. Users also have to spend extra time navigating the system instead of caring for their patients. It also has a complex charting tool with a confusing interface. Users must switch between multiple tabs to see patient information.

The Allscripts interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to use. It is based in Florida, and the company has offices across the U.S. The company also offers a free trial. Although its interface is not perfect, many providers report having an excellent experience with the product. Allscripts also offers a wide variety of integration options. For example, its EHR platform integrates with various EHR systems, so users can choose the most suitable one for their practice.

It offers revenue-cycle management

The healthcare software company Allscripts has deep experience in the revenue cycle management industry, and its revenue cycle management solutions help healthcare organizations increase their efficiency and improve outcomes. Its solutions include Sunrise Financial Manager, EPSi business decision support, and performance management, among other applications. During the event, Allscripts executives will discuss the latest innovations in revenue revenue-cycle management and how these solutions can improve your organization’s bottom line. Here, they will highlight some of the key highlights of the Allscripts revenue cycle solutions.

Allscripts revenue cycle management solutions address all financial processes, with dedicated account managers applying best practices and technology opportunities to maximize revenue. These solutions also provide innovative technology to support modern healthcare practices. For example, clinicians need user-defined chronic disease dashboards, EHR systems with ad hoc reporting capabilities, and visibility into provider performance. Allscripts Practice Analytics provides a cloud-based analytics solution that helps streamline care.


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