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7 Best Types Of Roses To Use In Your Wedding Bouquet

Roses are a universal symbol of love and affection. This also makes them an essential part of wedding décor and bride’s accessories. Brides pay a lot of attention to selecting and curating their wedding bouquets. But it often gets a little tedious with such a wide variety of roses available to choose from. Here’s a list of the best types of roses for a wedding bouquet to help you out!

How flowers are used for expressing emotions?

A bridal bouquet is the center of the piece on D-day. It represents all the emotions that the bride is going through when she comes down the aisle. All the love from her family, friends, and loved ones is reflected through the beauty and fragrance of the roses she carries. If you are planning your wedding, take note of the best types of roses for a bridal bouquet.

Classic Garden Roses:

Classic Garden Roses are those which exist even before the late 19th century. They are loved for their heavenly fragrant aromas and large sizes. These are also called old, heirloom, or antique roses. If you are planning a classic, old-school, vintage-themed wedding, then this is the perfect fit for you. These are one of the most popular types of roses because of their luscious volume and elegant feel. They are available in white, pink, and yellow color.

Urban Garden Roses:

These are just the “modern” versions of classic garden roses. These are also one of the most popular rose varieties because of being available in mass abundance. The year-round availability also makes it a perfect and hassle-free pick for your wedding bouquet. They are easy to source and also quite affordable. Apart from being available in single colors like pinks and reds, these are also available in two-tone or double-shaded varieties.

Sweetheart Roses:

Sweetheart roses are a sub-variety of Modern Garden Roses. Their petite size and dainty petals make them a perfect fit for bridal and flower girl bouquets, wedding accessories, boutonnieres, corsages, and so many more floral arrangements. These are available in pink, red, yellow, orange, and white. Sweetheart roses are one of the popular rose varieties that fall into a special category of roses. So, make sure you set a budget for yourself and order in advance to receive your wedding flowers online packages on or before the time for your wedding.

David Austen Roses:

David Austen Roses get their name from the British breeder who created them. They are also known as English Roses. Today, these are one of the best types of roses for a wedding bouquet. Their unparalleled beauty comes from the cup-like shape and ruffled petals. They are highly fragrant and will give a beautiful essence to the entire vibe of your wedding.

Centifolia or Cabbage Roses:

Brides and wedding planners consider Cabbage Roses as one of the best types of roses for a wedding bouquet, They are similar to Peonies in their appearance but if observe keenly, the petals make all the difference. Cabbage Roses are also known as Centifolia which means a hundred petaled rose. We cannot count the number but the dense swirl of petals makes them more attractive and one of the popular rose types chosen for weddings.

Floribunda Roses:

Floribunda Roses which translate to “flowering in abundance” are one of the popular rose types for curating a wedding bouquet. Their appearance is a little wild but at the same time quite exclusive. This makes it a perfect fit for brides who want to go traditional with a modern take. They are available in many different shades like pink, purple, apricot, etc.

Spray Roses:

Spray roses are also a sub-variety of Modern Garden Roses. They are an ideal pick for a bridal wedding bouquet because of clusters of flowers on a single stem. Spray Roses give a wilder yet very elegant accent when paired with subtle leaves. These beautiful roses are available in all possible shades to pick from. They are also quite affordable and easily available throughout the year.

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Roses are used extensively for everything related to love. Out of the many species that nature offers, these were some of the best types of roses for a wedding bouquet. You can either order them separately or curate DIY wedding flower packages at your convenience. No matter what your choice, they are going to enhance the beauty of your wedding attire!

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