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Spectrum TV Plans: Guide 2022

‘So, what are you watching on TV these days?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions that simultaneously serves as a conversation-starter for many people.

Furthermore, this is a great icebreaker, which is meant to help introverted folks relax, especially if they are meeting new people for the first time.

Nonetheless, this is one of those inquiries, which you cannot easily escape. Especially when every other provider in the country claims ‘to offer rich content, that’s truly unmatched.

That’s when it does become slightly difficult to choose between several different options, with each one just looking better than the other.

However, there is one provider, who ensures that you receive nothing less than the best. And that is America’s favorite service provider, Spectrum! 

A Brief Look into Spectrum

Established in 2014, Spectrum is ranked among the leading service providers in the country, and for good reason too!

The telecom company offers exceptional internet, TV, and home phone service to ever-increasing subscribers within the 41 American states.

Known for delivering some of the impressive service bundles in the country, Spectrum is bound to take you by surprise!

About Spectrum TV Service

Spectrum TV is a quality TV service with plans that are unequivocally practical and don’t break the bank. The best part is that there are no gimmicks involved.

What’s more, Spectrum TV’s menu consists of your favorite channels, which can easily be added to any package. Furthermore, the TV service is contract-free and accessible to select U.S. cities.

Thus, Spectrum TV can easily be called ‘one of the most widely available U.S. cable TV providers.’

This provider ensures that ‘finding the right TV plan, which fits like a glove’ is no longer aggravating, especially when consumers have innumerable options available today.

That’s why Spectrum Select TV is one of the most recommended options that’s chosen by digital users.

Spectrum Select TV Plan: Top Features that Make It Stand Out

We listed the top features that make the Spectrum Select TV plan stand out from all others: 

HD TV With Multitude of Channel Options

The Spectrum Select TV Plan is a terrific choice, for it is more than just a cable TV service for you and your loved ones. This TV plan delivers around 125+ Free HD channels but that’s not all.

If you are looking for regular HD cable TV, this plan covers all categories such as the latest TV show seasons, blockbuster movies, hottest music videos, the latest sporting events, top documentaries, and so much more!

However, if you also want to enjoy the freedom of streaming services, the Spectrum Select TV Package keeps you updated with your entertainment favorites, without ever compromising on quality.

A TV Service, that’s Easy on the Pocket

While the Spectrum Select channel lineup is nothing less than impressive, its price tag will also blow you away.

This is a smart TV plan, which opens for $49.99 per month for an entire first year, after which prices are expected to rise.

The Spectrum Select TV plan should be your first choice if you are looking to save on your internet bill.

While its cost is significantly one of the strong factors, that makes this TV plan one of the go-to plans for subscribers, it also ensures that you can make the most of your subscription.

Zero Contract + Money-Back Guarantee + Extra Perks

The contract-free plan comes with a 30-Day money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the service (which we seriously doubt), you can always opt out.

While the Select TV plan is designed such that it is bound to appeal to new users, Spectrum ensures that its target audiences never worry about TV service again!

If you are subscribed to another contract but want to switch to the Spectrum Select TV service, it will even offer to purchase your existing service contract.

This means that the provider will bear your expenses of an early termination fee as high as $500!

Well, the good stuff doesn’t end here.

Enjoy the Spectrum TV App Wherever You Go!

Spectrum also has its TV app, which makes sure that no matter where you are, you never miss your favorite TV show.

The consumer is given full access, which allows them to watch their favorite shows on any screen of their choice via the Spectrum TV app. But that’s not all.

The cherry on top is the vast on-demand media library that’s downright impressive!

Possessing some of the top movies and TV shows, along with thousands of others in its digital library, Spectrum ensures that you binge-watch at your convenience, just the way you like it!

Sounds like a fantastic deal, doesn’t it?

Spectrum TV® Select Plans

While the basic Spectrum TV Select Plan cost about $49.99 per month for the first twelve months, two other Select TV Plans offer top-of-the-range services, which are as follows:

The Spectrum TV Select + Internet Plan

This Spectrum monthly bundle costs about $99.98 per month for the entire first year of your subscription.

While this plan too, offers 125+ HD channels such as ESPN, CNN, TLC, and Discovery among many others, it allows users access to thousands of TV series and film titles that they can watch anywhere and anytime that they like.

Spectrum ensures that its users can truly enjoy quality entertainment options and top-notch service at a decent price!

With download speeds as high as 200 Mbps (though these are expected to vary), users will receive free internet equipment that comes with built-in anti-virus, so that you never have to worry about the safety of your online accounts.

What’s more, the package includes no data caps.

For more information, visit Spectrum Customer Support or call 1-844-760-4219 to check the availability of the respective service offer in your area.

The Spectrum TV Select + Internet + Phone Plan

This monthly bundle by Spectrum costs about $114.97 per month for the entire first year of its subscription.

There are multiple advantages to bundling Spectrum Select TV with Spectrum Internet® and Spectrum Voice®.

In addition to being a reasonably priced monthly plan, bundling a few services together gives the consumer the additional convenience of a single service bill per month.

Furthermore, this offer ensures that you have a diverse variety readily available! With a channel line-up that consists of as many as 125+ HD channels, these come with parental controls as well.

So you get to personalize your service just the way you like. With a download speed as high as 200 Mbps, no data caps, and free access to Spectrum WiFi, you can guarantee that a speedy internet service and countless entertainment options are just a step away!

Not to forget that the unlimited calling option for the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and many others come with no extra fee and a guarantee of zero dropped calls at the user end.

Enjoy a worry-free service bundle with zero hassle. For more information, visit Spectrum Customer Support or call 1-844-760-4219 to check the availability of the respective service offer in your area.

Final Note

While the primary goal of this provider is to ensure that only value-based services are provisioned to its consumers across the country, these are also meant to help transform users’ entire digital experience with great value for their money.

That’s why Spectrum ensures that no stone is left unturned with its premium quality services!

Nonetheless, there are areas where Spectrum is still not able to reach. In that case, we suggest that you visit the BuyTVInternetPhone website and select an ISP that renders exceptional service coverage for prices that fall within your budget.

Hurry now for most providers offer some of the best deals in summer!

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