The Grammar Checking Tool – A 101 Guide

Have you ever wondered what kept you from scoring well in an essay? Was it grammatical errors? If yes, I won’t be surprised. As per educators, almost 75% of students lose marks in assignments due to grammatical errors. And beyond losing marks, making grammatical errors also creates a bad impression on your professor.

Therefore, it is time you learn to mend the grammatical errors and boost the quality of your assignment.

But how do you do it without the help of your professor? The solution lies in a grammar checker tool.

Today, the internet brings you a host of options of such grammatical tools. That makes it all the more difficult to choose the most efficient among all.

When it comes to reliability and accuracy quotient, one such easily available grammar-checking tool is the one developed by Several students are seen using this tool for proofreading purposes.

5 Features That Makes the Tool Efficient

A grammar checker tool proves its efficiency by the way it functions. As per student reviews on the internet, it seems like this grammar-checking tool gives splendid results. Here are its few features –

  • Grammatical correction –

Does your professor leave comments or remarks highlighting the wrong usage of grammar? Basically, the list of types of grammatical errors can be long. When you know what kind of mistakes you make, it becomes easier for you to resolve them. Or another option is to check your document through’s grammar checker. The tool will show you the errors are present in your document and give you suggestions to make it right.

  • Punctuation correction –

Did you know that missing out on commas and misplacing them is the most common type of punctuation error made by students? Misplacing commas can be severe, for it can change the entire meaning of a sentence.

Make sure to check your document minutely to check whether you have punctuated the sentences accurately. The grammar checker at can make this easier şişli escort for you. It will give you suggestions, and you can make the changes accordingly.

  • Right sentence construction –

Putting a group of words together in a meaningful stance is a sentence, but what seems meaningful to you may not always be right. A swap of one or two words can change the essence of a sentence. Since it can be tricky to understand, leave it to the grammar-checking tool. It will allow you to rephrase the sentence, showing you the right way to do it.

  • Vocabulary suggestion –

The impact of what you say relies greatly on the vocabulary used. Educators say that a common mistake a student makes while writing is using the wrong synonyms. If you can relate to this, try using the grammar checker at The tool will give you options for better words wherever necessary. In addition, you can look back into the dictionary for all the options given by the tool and use the one you feel is most appropriate to deliver the message.

  • Readability assurance –

Transitional flow, length of sentences, the complexity of the sentences and several other factors influence the readability of the content you write. However, keeping this in mind as you write is impossible. Therefore, it is important to proofread before you submit. The grammar checker tools are supposed to give you an idea of the readability score so that you can work on it.

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The brand,, claims that they had the best of developing minds working for this tool, and in the process, they collaborated with educators to ensure the tools give accurate results.

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