What are the commands and characteristics of SQL?


SQL (Structured Query Language) is one of the programming languages for managing data held in the relational database. The communication is done within the database. Although, the professional uses this language for handling the structure data gathered. Furthermore, it is easy to manipulate, access, and modify the data collected by the professional for the organization. In short, if you have the desire to learn about SQL Training Institute in Delhi then you should join the institute for this professional course certification. Moreover, many IT industries are using this language because of the benefits they acquire.

Let’s have a look at the characteristic of SQL:

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What is the characteristic of SQL?

IT has a wide variety of benefits for an organization. The programmer can easily access the data and describe it. The key characteristics of the SQL are as follows:

  • Performance: SQL provides the best quality of performance for heavy data usage in the database system. Moreover, this language helps in describing and giving a more clear picture of the data analytically.
  • Availability: It is a most compatible language with the other databases such s MS SQL Server, Oracle Database, SAP HANA, MS Access, etc. Furthermore, it is easy in developing applications extensions for procedural programming.
  • Flexibility: SQL offers the facility to create tables or columns whenever required. Also, the candidate can easily delete the unused tables or columns from the database.
  • Security: There is high security of the data stored. However, nobody can access the information without permission.
  • Application Development: Furthermore, the firm is big or small, SQL work everywhere. Developers use SQL for program applications. Indeed, the database can be accessed easily with SQL to the developer.
  • Open-Source Language: SQL builds the relational database system in an open-source.
  • Portable: SQL languages helps the programmer in operating the application in a different system.
  • Query Processing: The huge data can be retrieved quickly. This language is very effective and efficient for programmers to develop applications.
  • Interactive Language: So, this language helps in communicating in the database and resolving queries faster.
  • Multiple View: The database stored in an organization is seen from different sources. The data is in a structured format.
  • Job Opportunities: The demand for programmers with SQL skills is high in the IT industry. Moreover, some of the domains that require these skills are web development, business analytics, and the IT domain.

What are commands used in SQL?

As every language has the command to build an application. SQL uses most of the major commands as follows:

  • Data Description Language is a pattern for developing and adapting database objects.
  • Data Manipulation Language applies in adding, deleting, and updating the data. It’s a computer programming language used in the database.
  • Data Query Language helps in solving the query related to data within the schema object.
  • Data Control Language provides the ability to control the access of the users in the database.
  • Create support in developing the new database, table, and other objectives of the database.
  • The update helps in updating or changing the data stored in the database.
  • Delete means withdrawing the records from the database stored in an organization. In fact, it erases multiple tables from the database.
  • Select helps in accessing multiple rows from the database.
  • Drop can delete the entire data from the database.
  • Insert helps in inserting the information into the database tables.


The IT industries are using SQL more in the workflow. Therefore, it is easy to use for programmers. Therefore, the developer can use the data according to their needs and business perspective. Hence, if you want to make a career in SQL Online Training then you should have professional certification as proof. Thus, the salary offered to the developer with these skills and knowledge is high in the industry.  This language is high in portability and flexible in use.


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