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Must-Have Features that Make a Winning Real Estate App

Are you aware of the fact that every 1 in 4 people depends upon a real estate mobile application to find, buy or sell their properties online? There’s no denying that real estate has been a lucrative business, however with the advancement in smartphones, the real estate business has to turn out to become more prominent! 

The trend of dealing in property generates heap amount of profits to people, which is one of the reasons why it remains a high-trend all of the time! 

If you are looking forward to stepping into the world of real estate and making a name for yourself, you would need a real estate app for that matter. 

However, with the competition evolving much more fierce, emerging at the top has become daunting! 

Thus this is why we are here with the must-have features for you, that will help you make a winning real estate app in 2022! 

User On-boarding! 

User onboarding happens to be the most basic and the simplest feature your real estate application should have! This on-boarding would allow the user to register themselves as either customers, sellers, brokers and etc! 

If you integrate your user onboarding with allowing the user to signup through their social media account, this may reflect a positive image of your application. 

Listing and Database 

Property listing happens to be another basic feature that your application should offer. Once the user gets into the app, your application should show him the entire list of properties that are available nearby, along with properties’ information and necessary details! 

Users, who are looking forward to renting or selling their properties should be able to add their property to the listing with ease! 

Since the listing would keep on going, you would require a profound database, to store all of the listings with ease! 

Filters and Categories 

The last thing you would ever want would be to lose a potential user just because it was difficult for him to navigate through the listings for his desired properties. 

The filter you would be adding to your application should be able to allocate and generate a new list as per the demands of the user. For example, if the user has to see the properties with low prices to higher prices, your filter should be able to show the user his preferred search results! 

The category part should be able to differentiate between the types of properties available on the app. For example, if the user needs to look for the properties that are available for rent, the app should be able to show desired results to the user! 

Property profiles 

While listing down the properties, make sure to add a separate property profile section where people can know each and every detail about the property! 

The property profile would be enriched with descriptions, pictures, videos, owner information, house details and etc! 

Nobody wants to purchase a house while only going through pictures – thus adding a separate profile section would help you gain the trust of the users, and maintain their loyalty to the app for a prolonged time! 


At certain times, a user felt attracted to multiple properties, and can’t come up with a decision! For that manner, your app should comprise a favorite option, where users can add all of their loved properties to their favorite section.

Thanking to this “favorite” feature, the user won’t have to dig in the sea of property listings again! 

Having said that, we can say that an application highlighting this feature can be classified as the most up-to-date real estate app! 


Just like a cricket team is nothing without a keeper, a real estate application is nothing without map integration! 

Including a map as a feature of your app can help you provide loads of information about the properties to your end-users. 

A map not only helps with the property locations but also comes in handy for displaying the related data and statistics for a specific property! 

Moreover, a map can also be integrated with a filter feature, which gives users the liberty to find the property listings that are only restricted to their desired areas! 

Push Notifications 

Push notifications happen to be the strongest marketing technique to exist now! If you want your real estate app to succeed in the long run, then integrating it with push notifications might be your first step toward your dream! 

Push notifications allow you to retain your app on the top of your customer’s mind! Via the help of push notifications, you would be able to tell the users about any new listing available on the app, or any promos or discounts you are offering to them! 

In much simpler words, push notifications are the real deal to make an average real estate app become a profound one! 

Final Words 

All the above-mentioned features targets to provide consumers with a profound user experience. Make sure to include all of these features in your real-estate app, and then wait for the perks to fill you up with a heap of profits! 

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