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For Writers, the Advantages of Publishing Agencies vs. Self-Publishing

With the advancement in digital technology, the concept of self-publishing appears to be a game-changer for the publishing industry (Hviid, Izquierdo Sanchez, and Jacques, 2016). In the year 2015, the publishing process is incompletely in the hand of writers which mean can almost anyone may become an author in the present day. Self-publishing develops strong platforms for authors or new writers. Let’s talk about E.L James, she is a self-published author who writes bestselling romantic novels. She is the best example for writer who wants to write by themselves. This writer’s publishing efforts were so successful that fifty shades of Darker and fifty shades of grey are now very famous all over the world. She also teaches other authors how to self-publish. E.L James is the only self-published writer who has accomplished such success, which has led to the rise of new self-publishing formats today.

Many university-going students around the world want to publish their books. But it is a time-consuming process. They do not have enough time to complete their university task while writing a book. Thus they should get help from Assignment Help Services In Nottingham which can be helpful for them to write their books.

The author Rachel Hullin published a novel on Instagram. He is getting a lot of attention from worldwide media for a truly creative and innovative way of publishing. According to the Self-Publishers Association, Book Works mentioned that “self-published books now account for 31 percent of eBook sales in Amazon book store”. It is a significant percentage, but it is worth noting that publishing books for Amazon’s Kindle Store are simpler than publishing paper copies.

Despite the impressive growth of self-publishing, we want to give writers a primer on why traditional publishing may be the best option in 2016. Yes, self-publishing appears to be the best new method. But are you certain it’s superior to the old-fashioned method? What advantages do publishing agencies have for writers?

Support from a publishing agency

Publishing can be intimidating, particularly for first-time authors. Every writer’s mind is bound to be filled with questions. Will readers enjoy the book? Will people be interested in purchasing the book? How are books stocked in stores? How do people get the book? When writers work with a publishing house, they are always accompanied by an expert who can guide them through any difficult questions. Your publisher will assist you whether you have editorial questions or your book is in the marketing stage. Similarly, if any unexpected problems arise, you will have the support of your publishing agency.


Even if you know that the journalists do not bite, imminent people may be intimidated, specifically when it comes to contacting those in the mainstream media. Publishing agencies have an extensive network of contacts and relationships with booksellers, journalists, reviewers, distributors, and many others from media sides. These agencies’ publicists will assist you in approaching each contact properly. PR professionals can also send out understandable press releases to the media. Knowing what is it, magazine editors and reporters will be more responsive.

Children Books

It is very difficult to break into the children’s book market on your own. Although it is a smaller market than adult fiction, it is less accessible to self-publisher. The reason includes: A large number of children’s books are sold to schools and libraries, which are typically difficult to reach without the right connections. Publishers must provide guarantees that the books are appropriate for their target audience and worth purchasing. In this economic climate, it is critical to have the type of institutes that can assist with that. Do you want to write and publish a children’s picture book? Because printing costs can be extremely high, self-publishing is both unwelcome and expensive. It takes a lot of effort to create children’s books.

The M-Word. Marketing

Many new authors are unaware of how much work it takes to promote a single book. Marketing is a full day’s work for publishers, which is why they have large departments dedicated to ensuring the success of every published book. Publishers understand how authors feel when they are working on their books, so the marketing team allows the writer to focus on what they do best. These marketing teams do not only help in contacting people but they also do everything from registering booksellers to receiving books to the lists of distributors’ to establish the online appearance for writers on their available websites.

The social media platform is playing a vital role in publishing. This platform assists to promote such events, it offers the writer writing tips and it provides advice on writing from experts. Traditional publishing provides the best opportunity to the authors like achievements and gaining awards for their books. Sometimes self-published titles are not qualified for entering particular awards. Awards do not beneficial for credit only but also assist to increase sales and capture the attention of the media.

Credibility and reputation 

Although self-publishing is getting popularity, a few negative impacts still cover this way of publishing. Numerous bookshops do not stock self-published books, and also media are normally hesitant to promote these self-published books. When the authors start working with publishing agencies, they comply with the authority of the brand. It may assist with the establishment of writers, and it is a signal that she or he has done something important. Thus, publishing agencies and houses help the writer to publish his book and also help it gain popularity.

Book quality 

It can be difficult for new writers to recognize what the time-taking procedure of single book production is. Publishing housing and agencies can release the stress of the writer. In the stage of proofreading the writer check their own work for the final time, and clearly proofread all the document to check for any mistake in spelling. The enthusiastic publisher team is accountable for proofreading and checking the quality of writing at the end of the process. Writing books related to difficult topics such as medical and laws can be difficult for writers to write. Medical and law assignment help writers to understand terms related to the fields which can be found on different databases.




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