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Shopify vs Etsy: What’s the Difference and Which Should You Use?

Are you a small business owner who is thinking of selling online? Is everyone suggesting you sell online? Do you think your products deserve more fame than now? Then hop on the E-commerce market.  

To get on Ecommerce platforms there are several factors to consider and one of the main things is to choose the best Ecommerce platforms from the popular e-commerce platforms – Shopify and Etsy. They are the two popular brands that every online merchant will look at. Why? Here in the article let’s see the main difference between these two platforms and see what is best to choose.

1. Shopify vs Etsy: Design & Customizations

Attractive and engaging website design is a crucial part of the success of the store. Because a messy site ruins the website and storms the visitor from the website quickly. So, make sure to go with a platform that offers personalised design & layout aesthetics for the store.


Etsy enables users to upload their logos with customization. However, people who are inexperienced with web design find it tough. Hire a Shopify plus agency to design a stand-out design for your brands. What makes Etsy better is you could sell over the marketplace, rather than develop your store. So, you don’t make any blunders with the store looks.

 There is no way to make your presentation stand out among more sellers.  Etsy’s store might be displayed as perfect. However, they are simple and clean, so people aren’t going to find it tough to explore the products. 

It is tough to establish a loyal brand following over Etsy. When your consumers purchase from you, it’s the brand pictures that convince people to buy from you more. 


In terms of Shopify designs and customizability, Shopify offers many endless options. You get access to the website backend, which features more than 60 themes. Where 10 are free with 50 paid ones. Few of these have zoom-in features. Once you choose a theme, then you could edit, customise and rearrange it. Don’t throw too much personalization. These themes are industry-focused ones so you can add more additional features to them. For instance, for a merchandising business,  you need to add a zoom-in feature too on the theme you choose. 

Everything on Shopify is mobile responsive. You can reach the audience over any platform. You have more freedom to customise as you like, to shine your business.   Etsy is a bit controlled regarding the design options, but Shopify is flexible for the ones who like a real brand image.

Who wins:

So, finally, Shopify won against Etsy for design and customizability.

2. Shopify vs Etsy: Pricing Options

Eyeing the price before running an online store is the most important thing when choosing a platform. Few platforms feature yearly subscriptions whereas few offer monthly ones. Still, you can find a few hidden costs here and there as listing and transaction fees. 

Etsy Pricing

Standard Etsy plan charges a listing fee of around  $0.20. It includes publishing the listing cost.  Etsy charges a 5% transaction fee with another 3% and $0.25 payment per item you sell. For the higher price orders, this plan cut your profits. Normally payment fees are standard in the e-commerce market. However, you see rates are higher. In case you are setting a small scale then the transition plans need not minimize revenue too much. You can balance the cost to run your online store via a monthly subscription.

Finally, you are charged only if you are making a sale through Etsy.   Don’t takes risks if you don’t feel confident about product popularity. For more functionality, you can buy $10 / monthly with Etsy Plus. 

Shopify Pricing

Coming to Shopify has a high upfront cost. However, Shopify offers more functionalities that can come in handy for any business. They offer three pricing palms along with the 14-day free trial. To be honest Shopify’s monthly price is higher than Etsy’s.  However, it’s worth it. If you’re looking for more functionality. Shopify offers a basic plan of everything you’re looking to operate in small to mid-sized businesses. Its expensive programs provide the highest scalability for large brands with many staff. 

  • Basic Shopify charges $29 a month and can’t feature blogs and websites. You can register a staff account,  list unlimited products, get 24/7 support, and do more multichannel selling.
  • Shopify charges $79 a month. You can upgrade to the gift card, five staff accounts, professional reports, POS, etc. 
  • Advanced Shopify charges $299/monthly.  This gets an advanced report builder,  15 staff accounts,  third-party shipping rates, etc. 

Who wins?

Although Shopify looks pricey, its pricing plans are more worthy than Etsy. So, Shopify wind

Shopify vs Etsy: Help & Support

Both Etsy and Shopify are known as user-friendly platforms. But, you need support somewhere on the line mainly if you are new to the e-commerce world. Let’s see who offers better support & help.


 Shopify provides live web chat and phone support in case you are experiencing any errors. Even at midnight, you could call their team to come up with a solution. They provide support through their forums, video tutorials, emails, and even through their social media profiles. 

These platforms come very handily to get answers to any commonly asked questions. With its expensive plan, you can get that access to upgraded specialist support that is mainly helpful to large businesses.  Its centre is very easy to use and clear as it features many varieties of self and helphelpsde articles to help you throughout many issues.

 Any business can access these resources through the Shopify editor where you can find a menu to go to the relevant pages of the help centre. Shopify forum is used by many businesses and it gathered a big community that has solved similar problems like yours before. A Shopify plus agency also helps to get the problems verified 24/7. 


Etsy also offers a help centre that’s clean and clear similar to Shopify. You can even find a search function that enables you to find the answer that you are looking for. It has a forum too so you can join and benefit from the community discussions. You can even ask questions to them for more help and support. One could simply use email Etsy support or can schedule a call to talk with their team. 

Who wins: 

 Overall Etsy and Shopify offer the best customer care. Shopify provides immediate 24/7 support. That offers good help. However, you could connect with the real-life advisor instantly through Shopify. So,  Shopify wins this category. 


 Hope you found answers about what is good and bad. You can see Shopify won in everything.  Shopify offers from scaling the business to sell best-selling products. Get a Shopify agency to make your business a fully-fledged brand. From choosing themes, and domains to arranging the website and optimising the website, they do everything. Know more about what a Shopify agency can do for your website by reaching experts today. 


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