Decalogue to Choose the Right Packaging For Your E-commerce

How many boxes do I need to send my products to the customer? What characteristics should that packaging have? When you start your ecommerce business, you always ask yourself these questions. More importantly, you do not know if you have enough space in the warehouse. And probably, you do not understand what you need. It is clear that right packaging is a fundamental part of logistics in an online business at the level of operations, costs, and user experience. Your top priority is to deliver the product to its destination in perfect condition. For that, the packaging options like hemp boxes must have maximum protection, and with that, it must have the ability to inspire the customers.
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Client satisfaction must be at the highest point when he receives his order. That is why we want to offer you a Decalogue to select the right custom packaging box for your product:

What do you sell?

It is very different to send bottles of wine than shoes or an electronic device. It is not only a matter of volume or weight. The value of your product or its fragility also determines the resistance that the packaging requires.

The accessories of your packaging

Consider the accessories inside the box (inbox) to protect the product and the external (outbox) of the product. Additionally, you should inform about aspects as essential as the package fragility.

The destination of your product

Think about whether it is an international or national shipment if the package will be subjected to a humid environment or with sudden changes in temperature if it requires maritime transport, the duration of the journey.

Package handling during transport

The handling conditions of the packaging mean that the packages can receive impacts and blows. To avoid product damage, you should use good packaging appropriate to the product, take care of it inside and out, and avoid breakage or damage.

Typology of orders and shipments

The diversity and type of the packed products and the number and frequency of shipments also influence used packaging type. The packaging will be different if you ship one or multiple units. The same happens if you deliver single or multiple products with different weights and sizes. Sometimes you need bespoke solutions for each product or a more flexible solution that fits most of your shipments. Of course, always use packaging of the appropriate size for the content and avoid overpackaging.


The packaging firms determine the variety and amount of your needed packaging by the size of your online store. In e-commerce businesses, packaging management must be flexible with the material purchase. This way, you can receive it quickly without a minimum order and with its handling to facilitate the preparation of orders.

Preparation of orders

The packaging must be easily integrated into the logistics process and facilitate the preparation of orders. Depending on the dimensions and capabilities of your e-commerce, this process will be more manual or more automated. The order preparation must be easy and fast without obstacles to delivery times.

The cost

Good packaging offers the necessary protection without adding unnecessary protection or costs and helps to optimize logistics costs. It is about seeking maximum efficiency in the protection/cost ratio. Volume is a determining factor in calculating the cost of shipments. If the packaging size is adjusted to the product, you will avoid overpackaging, reduce the volumetric weight of the packages, and reduce the cost of shipments. Choosing the right and resistant packaging is essential at the cost level, not only for the price of packaging and shipping but also to ensure delivery in good condition, avoiding the cost of exchanges, returns, and dissatisfied customers.

The image

The packaging communicates the brand values and is one more part of the product. Think that it is the first physical product your customer sees. Therefore, it is an integral part of the shopping experience. The brand image also determines the choice of our customers. They observe whether the custom marijuana packaging is according to the values ​​or the idea that we want to offer or not.

Who is your customer?

Remember that depending on the type of client, the design and care of the packaging will be even more essential. For example, if the target is more sensitive to the appearance and sustainability of the packaging, you must take care of it. This analysis of all these aspects will determine the suitable packaging for your e-commerce, if you need standard boxes or custom solutions, a specific format for product protection, accessories, etc. All these aspects will have a positive impact on your product and customers. Overall, it will help you determine how much customer satisfaction you have achieved through packaging.

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