Leading App Development Company Based in Ireland

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Leading App Development Company Based in Ireland

Our team at app developers. it is made up of dedicated product managers and developers that have a combined 30+ years of experience creating scalable mobile apps for both startups and established businesses. We are situated in Ireland. We are constantly looking for new technologies and embracing change because we have specialists in the current mobile development technologies. Here, we constantly reinvent ourselves to stay focused on the market and provide solutions for our clients with the newest and best technologies available.

Our Services


Mobile devices and tablets are increasingly the devices of choice for many people in our increasingly digital environment. We assist businesses in creating engaging mobile applications utilising cutting-edge programming languages like Android, Swift, and HTML5.

iOS App Developers


Apple’s iOS has a high revenue share and extremely engaged users, despite the fact that Android has a huge market share. In other words, iOS users are more likely to invest their time and money in apps. And for this reason, businesses and startups frequently favour an “iOS first” strategy, where they initially release the app for iOS only before making it available on other platforms.


Although we provide a variety of development services, we have made iOS the core of our business. Our team of talented iOS app developers can assist you in creating the ideal iOS app and publishing it on the app store.

Android App Developers


Since its inception as an open-source operating system in 2004, Android has grown to become the most widely used mobile operating system. Organizations and startups cannot ignore the Android user base due to its overgrowing user base in both developed and emerging nations.


At app development Ireland. ie, we assist businesses and startups in creating engaging Android applications that enable you to reach a user base of more than 1 billion people.

Game Developers


Any gaming app’s success is mostly based on how innovative the concept is. You have come to the right location if you want to design a game app. With the help of our creative minds, we at app take your game’s vision and turn it into an intriguing and captivating game for you.


We are aware that a team made up of specialists from many industries is necessary to create successful gaming software. We have game designers at app developers. ie who have experience creating popular mobile games.

App Design

Given the amount of space and real estate present in current mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, designing for mobile apps presents a special challenge. IDC estimates that the average smartphone user uses 4–7 apps each day, therefore making a solid first impression on the user is crucial. After all, the initial impression is the one that sticks. We at app developers. ie are ardent supporters of the good design principle and work hard to produce a visually appealing and feature-rich design for your app.

Enterprise Software Developers


When mobile applications are created for businesses, they make sure the relevant individuals in your organisation receive the information. Organizations should design apps that enable their increasingly dispersed staff to access data from anywhere so they can act swiftly as businesses grow more mobile.


Since TADCO, a top Irish app development business, owns, it should come as no surprise that our team has extensive expertise in creating specialised corporate app solutions to meet the mobility and app development requirements of your firm.

Hybrid / Cross-Platform Developers


It’s always entertaining to argue whether native applications or hybrid apps are superior when it comes to hybrid apps. But at app, we think a well-made hybrid app should function just like a native programme. By allowing programmes for several platform systems to share the same code, hybrid development speeds up and reduces the cost of overall development.


Do you intend to create a hybrid app? We’ll discuss why developing a hybrid app is sometimes the best course of action.

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