Top 7 Best IDO Crypto Launchpads Of 2022

In the past few years, the blockchain space has witnessed so many innovations with such a huge prominence among different groups of people. In this era, every individual comes up with crypto and NFT-related projects. Hence, there comes a necessity for decentralized fundraising platforms where upcoming projects could be able to raise funds. With so many IDO launchpads flooded into the market, not every platform is reliable for crowdfunding. Finding the best IDO crypto launchpad with the right set of user-friendly features will be easy for users to navigate through various features. This platform enables startups to list their projects and investors to search for interesting crypto projects for investment. Among n number of fundraising platforms, the top 10 best IDO launchpads are curated in this article. Check this out!

Crypto Launchpads – A Brief Explanation

Before we delve into the main subject of this blog, let’s know what a crypto launchpad is. Alongside, know how it functions. Crypto Launchpad is a platform allowing startups or enterprises to raise funds for upcoming blockchain projects giving early access to investors.  

Certainly, the IDO crypto launchpad benefits both startups and investors. Startups or project holders on one side will be able to list their tokens representing their crypto projects. These projects will only be visible after being reviewed and verified. By putting forth their projects, startups can get their projects reachable to potential investors for fundraising.

On the other hand, investors looking for projects will check out the IDO launchpad with a plethora of the latest crypto projects. They get to go through the project so that they can decide whether the crypto project is worth investing in or not. Remarkably, investors would expect a high return on investment. 

More importantly, the projects listed on the IDO crypto launchpad are verified. Therefore, there is for sure thing that investors could trust as projects are reliable and not scams. Furthermore, it holds numerous benefits such as immediate trading, better liquidity, credibility, and open fundraising tool. A significant saying is that Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is way better than other fundraising approaches like Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), etc.

7 Best IDO Crypto Launchpads Of 2022


Trustpad is the safest multi-chain decentralized fundraising platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This enables upcoming projects to raise funds and early-stage investors could explore more & more projects bringing safety and security. It is well-known for its fairness & transparency, guaranteed allocation of projects, rug-proof mechanisms, and high-quality projects. 

Focusing primarily, though Trustpad is developed & launched on the BSC blockchain network, it supports Ethereum, MetaMask, Solana, TrustWallet, Certik Skynet, and WalletConnect. It brings more indispensable features for investors, like pool participation, staking, and farming. Like other IDO launchpads, in TrustPad, users should have a certain amount of tokens in their wallets for funding participation.  

DAO Maker 

Indeed, the DAO maker is the best IDO crypto launchpad. This ecosystem provides any crypto projects to raise capital and focuses primarily on growing startups and retail investors. The platform users have been given an option to stake DAO and thereby earn up to a maximum of 70% APR. The supported exchanges to purchase DAO include Uniswap, Instant Swap, Bithumb, and KuCoin. 

This platform is backed by the Ethereum blockchain network. Moreover, it is the pioneer of various token sale formats, including Dynamic Coin Offering (DCO) and Strong Holder Offering (SHO). More importantly, the users can unlock the DAO power only when they have a specific number of DAO tokens in their wallets. 


Polkastarter is a decentralized protocol that brings the latest projects and early community members together under a single roof. Its unique feature is cross-chain swapping, enabling platform users to trade their tokens on different blockchain platforms. Other vital features include fixed swapping, liquidity mining, anti-scam measures, whitelisting, and permissionless listings. 

When it comes to its typical functionality, the crypto projects have to be submitted for verification with white paper, yellow paper, or necessary documents. With the approval, the projects will be listed. The users can surf through various projects on the Dex platform and whitelist themselves. As soon as the Initial Dex Offering of the project is live, the whitelisted investors could buy the tokens. 


Focusing primarily, BSCPad is operated on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain network. This is seemingly a reliable ecosystem where the latest blockchain projects could raise capital and investors given an opportunity to explore various projects. Its features include multi staking modules, an automated liquidity pool, digital wallet integration, and so many more requisite ones. 

With the categorization, upon applying filters, users could view projects under upcoming projects, trending projects, lowest price, highest price, most-viewed, and recently listed projects. The advantages of this BSCPad platform are instant trading, high liquidity, and fair fundraising approaches. 

Red Kite

Red Kite is a cutting-edge launchpad and DeFi platform with core features including multi-chain & flexible options, tier & reputation, hand-picked projects, fairness, vesting schedule, and advanced features like re-sales of allocation, one-hour refundable, and pre-ordering services. 

Investors have the option to choose from various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. Moreover, they could stake the token once they purchase it and receive benefits. 


Cardstarter is an IDO exchange bringing early-stage Cardano innovators and a community of donors. Its native token is CARDS. The platform users have to own the native token in order to use Cardstarter. In order to participate in the lottery system or to get an allocation for every IDO, they have to hold 100 CARDS and 1500 CARDS, respectively.

Its top-tier features include a listing process, auto-lock liquidity, tokenless funding, subscription model, insurance fund, and special programs like token engineering and security audits. Cardstarter being the world’s premier launchpad, startups and project holders are given the opportunity a way easier to list their projects. And, investors can participate in the three-tier systems.


Solstarter is the first IDO platform created on the Solana blockchain network. Its decentralized nature will eliminate hacking and suspicious activities. It is well-known for its significant features like permissionless listing and interoperability. Other core features include a vetting process, liquidity program, wallet integration, cross-chain swapping, and so on.

Without much hassles, the users will be able to list their projects and investors can surf for the project they like. Most importantly, projects will be able to raise liquidity in a fair approach. Hence, Solana-based projects raise capital from potential investors.


As there are several fundraising platforms existing, finding the best IDO Crypto Launchpad is tough. To simply do this, we have mentioned some of the popular and best platforms in this article. Even though there is a prevalence of such many IDO launchpads, still the market is open for entrepreneurs to launch the decentralized fundraising platform. Are you intend to do so? The choice of opting for ready-made IDO launchpad solutions will be best compared to building the platform from scratch. Everything you have to start with is connecting with a reputed or reliable company for the IDO launchpad development.    

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