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MSP Social Media Best Practices To Follow if you run an IT Business

It is common for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to have powerful social media profiles with excellent designs. Moreover, this will support your customer relations efforts and pique their interest in your business. This article offers some helpful advice on how to improve your social media profiles as an MSP which provides rmm tools and for yourself.

All sizes and shapes of MSPs must optimize their social media profiles. This article will outline the best practices to adhere to and how to begin optimizing your social media presence.

We’ll talk about the following:

  1. What makes your social media optimized?
  2. Why am I in need of a social media presence?
  3. Make use of a formal bio
  4. Make use of excellent images
  5. Make use of brief text
  6. How to Utilize Instagram
  7. Develop a brand strategy.
  8. Apply the appropriate creativity.
  9. Stay up to date.

Why optimize your social media as an MSP?

Do you possess social media accounts? If not, think about using them right away.

Through social media, you may establish yourself as an industry expert, share your unique knowledge, and forge connections with potential and current clients.

We’ll provide some statistics below to persuade you of the significance of social media.

It may surprise you to learn that 76% of social media users have bought anything they saw on the platform.

Ninety percent of users only follow one brand on social media.

Social media is used by 77% of businesses to reach customers.

In Q4 of 2022, TikTok generated $350 million in revenue.

YouTube is used by 52% of internet users at least once a month.

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What are the Purposes of having Social Media Profiles?

An assortment of details about your business from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok is called a social media profile.

As an MSP, having social media profiles is essential for improving lead generation, customer engagement, and brand visibility. Put another way, it enables you to establish credibility with potential clients by sharing industry insights and showcasing your experience.

Real-time communication is made possible by an active social media presence, which also promotes a sense of community and responsibility.

It also provides a forum for showcasing success stories, testimonials, and service offerings while drawing in a specific audience. In conclusion, social media optimization boosts your MSP’s overall digital marketing strategy and establishes it as a thought leader in the IT services industry. Consequently, with clients increasingly using social media platforms for vendor assessments, a well-managed social media presence turns into a competitive advantage, propelling business expansion and client acquisition.

Finally, social media profiles are a crucial marketing tool for your company. You may use them to interact with customers, exchange news and information, forge relationships, and establish a strong sense of community around your business.

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These are our top 7 strategies for maximizing your business’s online presence on social media.

1) Use a Professional Bio

Create a bio that will interest and benefit potential customers. Please remember to include the following three points:

  1. What you carry out.
  2. The people you cater to.
  3. A Call To Action (CTA) that directs users to your website or contact details. Here are some examples of CTAs.

Use a unique hashtag related to your brand or sector in your bio to increase the visibility of your profile among prospects.

2) Use High Quality Images

Your company’s logo ought to be used as a profile image. Make sure your logo is not distorted or cropped at the edges. This will influence the perception of your brand by your audience.

Moreover, the resolution of your cover image must be excellent. Additionally, use colours and elements that are appropriate for the style and image of your business.

When publishing your daily content, make sure to use images that complement your brand’s colour scheme.

For instance, Ferrari, the automaker, consistently uses the colour red in posts, even when it’s not the image’s primary hue.

Top Tip: To strengthen your business image, use the same image on all your social media platforms.

3) Use Short Text

Have you ever seen a lengthy social media post and not read it? Everybody reads lengthy posts on social media that contain a ton of details. Though, your users won’t want to read this kind of content. In such cases, the user is not prompted to read.

The best text for social networks to grab your audience’s attention is concise and clear.

Always provide a link to your website and a page or blog post where you go deeper into the subject matter in your posts.

Moreover, one of the best practices for increasing your organic website traffic is to include links.

Top Tip: Never forget to monitor, shorten, and personalize your URLs. You can use a variety of tools, like

4) Use Instagram the Right Way

The best practices for social media listed above are applicable to all social media platforms, including Instagram.

Instagram draws more focus to the visual elements. Images, videos, reels, stories, and this social network offer people a variety of ways to communicate. Furthermore, you ought to use various creatives for this channel. Read more about using Instagram reels here.

Instagram users communicate primarily through images and occasionally with brief text.

This channel’s human component is essential, and demonstrating it will undoubtedly give you an advantage.

Maintaining a style that is consistent with your brand is equally crucial.

Best Tip: Links on an Instagram post are not clickable. Update the URL in your bio, please. Naturally, you are limited to using one link at a time. Adopting LinkTree, a completely free application that allows you to use more than one link at a time, is our number one recommendation.

5) Build a Community Around Your Brand

Using social media for the same purpose applies whether you are an MSP or a commercial integration business. In the end, you’re using it as a tool to locate and recruit new potential customers and to increase the visibility of your business and products.

For your business to succeed in this final step, developing a strong community is essential.

Previously, Facebook’s algorithm prioritized the frequency of brand publications. These days, the interaction and interest that your content generates relative to others is what counts most.

Using paid advertisements can increase engagement and interest while introducing your business to new prospects.

Being polite, willing to assist with problem solving, informative, and visually appealing will give you a significant competitive advantage. Further, you can use social media to accentuate and exploit this.

Top Tip: Communities are great sources of inspiration because their members are encouraged to share their personal narratives, which can forge connections and motivate others to act.

6) Use the Right Creatives

You can use a wide range of creatives on social media. For instance, a straightforward image, a carousel, a reel, a video, or an image with text, links, or emojis. Social media creativity has been continuously evolving to meet the needs and desires of consumers.

First and foremost, the best performance was shown in the early stages of social media with straightforward images or images that linked to more information.

Secondly, a canvas that combines images, carousels, and videos was the centre of attention. They were engaging and had the potential to foster further engagement.

Recently, there has been a significant comeback to using video as the preferred content medium. Video format, preferably in 16:9, is essential for capturing your audience’s attention. Why not try uploading more videos and watching how your users interact with them? You will love the outcome, I’m sure of it.

Top Tip: Always remember to use subtitles while sharing videos. People typically scroll while turning the volume down. By using subtitles, you won’t overlook any words or sentences. More significantly, those with hearing impairments will also be able to understand what you’re saying.

7) Keep Your Profile Up to date

Maintain your social media accounts current with fresh news, blog articles, testimonials, industry advice, and more. It is more likely that your users and prospects will get your message if you repeat it frequently and in many formats.

One of the most crucial tools you have to connect with your customers and drive website conversions is optimizing your social media profiles.

Are you craving more social media advice?

Lastly, to get the most of your social media profiles, make sure to update them on a regular basis.

Author Bio

Fazal Hussain is a digital marketer working in the field since 2015 currently employed with Gorelo RMM tools. He has worked in different niches of digital marketing, be it SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC, or content marketing. He loves writing about industry trends in technology and entrepreneurship, evaluating them from the different perspectives of industry leaders in the niches. In his leisure time, he loves to hang out with friends, watch movies, and explore new places.

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