What is ICT Business Solutions? ICT Solutions Marketing Business

ICT business solutions comprise software, such as Software as A Service (SAAS) solutions, web-based solutions, eCommerce, and many other vertical ICT solutions applications that cater to various sectors.


With technology constantly changing and playing a more significant part in individuals’ everyday activities, companies must keep up with these developments. Technology-driven innovation within business is increasing exponentially, as is the demand for ICT services for businesses.

If this is the case, it is now the ideal moment to take advantage of the chance to get involved in this lucrative venture. But before you make that decision, there are some things to consider.

  • How can I take advantage of this opportunity and start my own company?
  • Do I need to establish an organization for the development of software? If yes, what is the number of resources require?
  • Do I have the chance to enter this lucrative and expanding business sector without investing in all these sources?
  • Can I concentrate only on marketing and not take on the responsibility of investing or managing people, creating software, etc.?


The first thing is come up with an idea of what you like to accomplish. And how you can accomplish it effectively. Beginning an enterprise for software development by yourself is an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t other methods to capitalize on this possibility. Constantly evaluate your options.

The well-known BATA shoe story is an excellent illustration of how to analyze market opportunities. The story follows this format.

In the late 19th century, when the African market began to expand. The shoe industry studied the commercial viability of shoe sales in Africa. Many manufacturers believed that “we won’t have a reliable demand since most people do not wear shoes in Africa.”

However, the team of experts that the BATA shoe manufacturer sent said, “since most people do not wear shoes in Africa, we have a huge potential market here if we do the marketing right.” This led BATA to begin promoting shoes in Africa. Which included sports shoes and achieved great success.

Market Opportunities

Similar to looking at the market opportunities in the field of marketing ICT services. You will see that the potential is vast as technology progresses at such a rapid pace that corporations and SMEs cannot keep up. Establishing yourself as a trusted source of solutions to the problems businesses across the globe are facing will put you in a highly advantageous position. All you have to do is present it the right way.

As we have said before, not everybody can launch an organization for software development in hours. What can those unable to begin a business do in this instance?

Partnerships are the answer. Many companies in the world offer partnerships to a broad number of people. If you’re skilled in marketing and can use technology solutions, you could join these firms and begin a rewarding career in the ICT business. This allows you to concentrate all of your efforts on marketing. While the business will take care of the development, management, and investment in the solutions.

The ICT sector is among the most lucrative sectors worldwide. Therefore, whatever decision you make, it’s almost guarante that you’ll successful if you play your cards correctly.

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