How to Turn Your Android Phone Into a Space Monitoring Device

Android Phone

We cannot deny the fact that our smartphone is a powerful tool that we often underestimate. The basic uses such as calling and texting or often taken into consideration. But there is a lot more than you can achieve with your device even more than you can imagine. When the most exciting music that has been coming across in the market is to use your mobile phone to receive and monitor satellite data.


Have you of turning your android phone into a space monitoring device?

This might sound silly or crazy but it is not possible. With the release of a new android application that will help you turn your smartphone into an instrument with crowdsourcing science, things are changing. You will have to leave it on your window every night with the correct positioning turned on and your phone will be able to record small variations in satellite signals. It can also gather data for machine learning analysis of meteorology and space weather patterns. However, you might need the latest smartphone which will support these features as outdated smartphones might not have it. You do not have to worry because you can sell a cracked phone and invest in the latest one.


Which application will help to do this?

The name is CAMALIOT application. It will turn your mobile phone into an instrument for the crowd so science. All you need to do is leave it on the window in the right position. The phone will record all the variations in satellite signals with the gathering of data for machine learning. GNSS is also supporting the cause and is suitable for more than 50 models of smartphones present on the market. It will also help to create new organ space weather, forecasting models.

Participants are also engaged as there might be prizes to win which might include new phones and Amazon vouchers. This is going to be a four-month citizen science campaign. The global navigation satellite system such as one of Europe that is Galileo have any violation nice everyday life. However, there are still thousands of GNSS stations that record satnav data continuously.

This happens because they passed through irregular plasma patches in one of the layers. However, this upper atmosphere the clear is always changing and is influenced by solar activity and other geomagnetic conditions. This can also be affected by the basic thing as the local time of day in the region. Other technology frequencies of SATNAV receivers can compensate for this effect by comparing it to the frequency at the same time.

The atmosphere that the earth is made up of is simple as the layers of an onion. The Ionosphere is a layer of electrically charged particles that are strongly influenced by the sun. This layer was discovered in the 20th century by radio finals. The radio finds the nearest bounced long wave radio signals of it to discover it. The ionosphere becomes more turbulent as the sun warms and chickens it. In the evening, however, it leads to turbulence as it cools down. This also includes the production of plasma bubbles contributing toward the greatest dynamic change around the earth‘s magnetic equator.

This is one of the first steps in enlarging the GNS as data acquisition using the internet of things or data fusion approach. There can be more improvement while employing novel sources such as fixed sensors and drones as well as smartphones. A wide range of other applications is also possible for the system including improving the performance of GNSS, as explained by Vicente.

The combination of dual-band smartphone GPS reverse receivers and android support for Rozy NSS data recording is what gave researchers the option to use smartphones for this data collection. Data from GNSS stations combined with smartphone data. The machine learning models help to sort the unseen pattern on earth and space.



It has to be noted that the application chameleon is only present on the play store which means only the android users can use it. But the iPhone users do not have to worry because there might be some other applications for the space enthusiast in the iPhone and its App Store. If it is mentioned that these features are our support on your smartphone and yet it is not working, you need to take your device from mobile repairing. There are multiple websites that will help you to fix such problems. Quick Mobile is a website where you can sell your old mobile and repair mobile according to your convenience. So even if you are caught up with office work or meetings, you can reach out to them whenever you are free.

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