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How to get a Google Voice number for your business

How to get a Google Voice number for your business.  One of the most popular services among new businesses is Google Voice, a free online phone service that gives users unique phone numbers. You can use your Google Voice number to send and receive calls, text messages, and voice mails from your computer or smartphone.

If you’re interested in using this service for your business, here are a few things you need to know about setting up your buy google voice number.

Why do I want to do this?

If you recently switched carriers and got a new phone number, but want to keep your old phone number just in case, you don’t have to switch it over to Google Voice and pay for a second plan. Can be done. Calls to the old number will be forwarded to the new number so you don’t miss an important call because someone forgot to update the list.

Of course, you can also get a new phone from Google Voice and use it for text messaging and call transfer. However, if you have an existing number to use with Google Voice, you can transfer it to your service and use it instead.

Set Google Voice number

If you want to set up an account on your mobile phone, the first step is to download the Google Voice app. If you’re on a computer, go to the Google Voice sign-up page.

Then search for available phone numbers. Enter your city or area code to see what numbers are available and register a number to use.

Once you find the number, you’ll ask to verify your existing phone number (6-digit code). This step is necessary because Google Voice will forward incoming calls to your existing phone number.

Calling via Google Voice

To make your first call, visit the Google Voice homepage or open the app if you’re using a smartphone.

Switch to the Phone tab and select Call. Enter the number or contact you want to call and press the green call button to get ready to chat.

Send a text message

The same is true when sending text messages using your Buy Google Voice Phone Number. Go to the Messages tab and enter the phone number or contact you want to contact. Enter your message and tap Send.

Google Voice Pricing

With Google Voice, you can send unlimited text messages and make unlimited domestic calls (up to 3 hours). It doesn’t cost more than you paid your carrier.

You will only charge for international calls. If you want to call someone from another country, check the list of call charges on Google Voice. Then buy credits to cover these costs.

Capture what?

Because Google Voice uses existing numbers. It can be difficult to tell if the call is going to your work or personal phone number. Fortunately, other users are facing the same problem, and the Google Voice help forum provides a solution.

You are one step closer to starting a business

Convenience, ease of use, and little to no free make Google Voice a valuable tool for many new business owners. Once you’ve set up your Google Voice number. create a phone link on your business website to make it easier for potential customers to contact you.

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