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How to achieve a good ranking on Google in 2022?

Learn practical tips to improve your Google ranking this year

Every blogger wants his or her blog to rank higher on Google during relevant searches. However many bloggers share the same goals which makes things quite tricky. So, you need to narrow down your goals. Start working on smaller, actionable tips to realize and analyze the outcome. In this post we are sharing some actionable tips to improve google ranking of your blog:


Use relevant keywords

Keyword stuffing can indeed get your site penalized. However, it doesn’t mean that you should abandon keywords. Ethically using the right keywords can turn your blog into a huge success. In fact it is an integral part of professional digital marketing strategy. For that, you first need to do detailed keyword research before working on any blog post. After thorough keyword research, compile a list of high potential keywords. Then create a post with the right length and spread of sub-topics to contextually insert different keywords without stuffing.


Another thing to remember is to add keywords at all the key places. It includes the main article, different headings, bullet points, and image alt tags. You also need to use keywords in major elements visible in SERPs like URL, Meta description, and page title.

For a rewarding keyword research experience , you can use tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush.


Craft material that people can easily relate to

While posting regularly does play an important role in building traffic, you also need to focus on the quality. Offering high-value material with clear deliverables and well-defined takeaways keeps readers engaged throughout the entire piece and helps them to gain tangible benefits. It is equally important to write digestible portions that can effortlessly be understood by audiences of different levels of proficiency.


Many bloggers tend to create posts without any research. Such shallow material not only leaves the readers dissatisfied but is easily identified by the Google bots and thus gets negative SEO marks. It also affects your ranking. So make sure that the material you offer should answer the most pressing challenges of the readers, is written after thorough research from authentic sources, and also sheds light on key aspects of the topic. It also helps you to naturally increase the length of the material which enables you to add more keywords thus improving your chance of building a positive  SEO profile which is essential to build traffic.


Submit guest posts on relevant niche sites with high authority

Natural ways to improve your blogs’ ranking generally takes time and there’s always some amount of guesswork involved. So, one of the easier ways to increase the authority of your blog is to start publishing guest posts on high-authority platforms in your niche. In this way, you get the benefits of high visibility and credibility by getting your article featured on the platforms with high-quality traffic. At the same time, the backlink to your blog can prompt many readers to visit it and those interested can even subscribe to it.


Be highly active on major social media platforms

Social media presence and activities matter a lot when it comes to building high-value traffic for your blog. Just creating a Facebook page isn’t enough. You also need to use the right keywords in the description, add a professional logo and suitable graphics to build trust among the readers. Also, make sure that any fresh post is immediately shared on your social media handles.


Don’t stop just there. Join the relevant groups and share your posts in all such groups. I will multiply your posts’ visibility. It is also important to make the right strategies to bring the traffic of relevant groups to your Facebook page and encourage them to like it. Over some periods you can also build your group to get better control over the posts and build a better influence on your audiences.


Multiply your website traffic selectively through advertising

Along with the organic ways to increase traffic and build credibility you can also consider using paid methods like advertising. Advertising not only allows you to gain better visibility and a stronger brand image but also gives you an option to select the audiences that you feel are most convertible.


For instance, if you run a blog on GenZ girl fashion then you can select that only the girls between 18 and 25 should see your ad. It will allow you to show ads only to the most relevant audiences thus multiplying the conversion opportunities. For that, you need to create a tangible campaign with well-defined goals and objectives. You can use different methods and giveaways as anchors to hook the attention.


Likewise, you can also time your ad campaigns strategically to touch base with your targeted audiences at the most opportune time. For instance, if you offer investment and financial advice then you can expect better returns when running a campaign just around the time when the budget is announced. By aligning your material with the main points of budget you can make your ads more impactful.



To earn a good online income you should know how to create a blog and scale it up gradually. For gaining good visibility on SERPs you need to focus your attention on some of the most fundamental factors. By using the right keywords and following some healthy SEO optimization you can enjoy better rewards with modest efforts. In this post, we presented some such SEO tips.

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