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Control Panel Features to Look for in Web Hosting

Hosting a website is not an easy and simple task. There are numerous tasks and details that need the attention of the website owners and the hosting service providers for it to function smoothly and efficiently. One such detail is the control panel which helps the website owners and provides them with tools to manage their website, web hosting account, and server too.

However, it is easier said than done. You cannot manage the control panel without having access to proper tools and features.

Not all hosting providers offer the same control panel tools and features, which is the greatest reason some websites face more challenges than others. Learning about the important and necessary control panel features can help you ask for them in your hosting package and ensure smooth management.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn about the control panel features you must look for in a web hosting plan.

Top 7 Control Panel Features to Look in Web Hosting

Control panels often come with a long list of tools and features that offer support in management and monitoring. However, it does not mean that it will essentially include the features you need. So, you must be well aware of your need and requirement and ask for the features you need for smooth management.

Here are some of the major control panel features that you must look at and ensure in your web hosting package.

1.    Domain Name System (DNS) Management

The most important feature that you must look for and ensure in the control panel while getting web hosting is the domain name system management. It is more than necessary to keep your domains secure, stable, and support related websites. Most of the website owners consult web hosting Dubai based service providers and ensure the control panels perfect domain name system management.

2.    Server Account Management

Server account management is one of the most crucial control panel features that modern-day website owner looks for while getting web hosting. It is extremely important to manage the online identity in the era of cloud computing. The servers are the core part of IT infrastructure, so the website owners need to pay much more attention to server account management and get this feature in the control panel.

3.    Mailing Infrastructure Management

Most of the web hosting services offer free email hosting too. In such cases, an essential feature you need to look for in the control panel is mailing infrastructure management. This particular feature will help you align and manage your email directory, as well as keep all your important business emails, newsletters, and other such items perfectly managed and accessible.

4.    Backup Management

The next control panel feature that you essentially need to check and ensure in your web hosting package is backup management. Disasters and mishaps can happen anytime when it comes to web hosting, which can rob you of your important and critical website data. Having a backup management feature in your control panel will help you stay well prepared for any such scenario and do not panic when adversity hits you.

5.    SSL Certificates Management

Another critical control panel feature that you must check and ensure in your web hosting package is SSL certificate management. Some of the web hosts offer free certificates as well as manage them too. If you are not opting for managed hosting, you might have to take care of it on your own. Still, you should ensure that the control panel of your hosting package includes this feature.

6.    Log Files Access and Reporting

Another significant control panel feature that you need to check and get in your web hosting package is log file access and reporting. Log files contain the data and information of everything happening on the operating system. So, having access to these files is more than necessary if you do not want to miss out on the details, as well as monitor the data and functionality. The reporting feature is necessary in case you need help for the resolution of some particular issue. So, be cautious to check and acquire this feature in the control panel.

7.    Software and App Installation

The last but most critical control panel feature you should look for while getting web hosting is software and app installation. This particular feature can help you keep up with the trends and boost performance by installing new apps and software according to need. You can consult web hosting Dubai based service providers to have this feature in the control panel or let them take care of it for you.

Are you still struggling with it?

If you are getting the service for the first time, struggling with it is fairly common. Instead of constantly worrying or making poor choices, get in touch with professional dedicated web hosting providers and let the experts guide you through the process while offering the best service and features.

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