Everything You Officially Need to Know About ITIL

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices go hand-in-hand with IT Service Management (ITSM) in any IT organization. ITIL serves as the structure for regulating companies through the ITSM processes, best practices, lifecycle, and tasks that aim at assisting organizations to better their IT services. 

Understanding the basic principles of ITIL allows IT, professionals, to know what services they deliver and assist management know whether their services support business goals.

ITIL training and certification validates that you qualify in methods prevalent in modern IT, applying processes, best practices, and terminology. ITIL-certified persons are in high demand. You can expect:

  • Evading common snags
  • Establishing compliances
  • Constantly services improvement

AXELOS – a partnership between the Government of the United Kingdom and Capita PLC, owns the ITIL design and its framework. It regulates and maintains the ITIL framework and authorizes AXELOS training and examination institutions.

ITIL V4 is the latest version of the structure. It offers all the features of ITIL V3. Further, it develops the best practices and most up-to-date insight from the ITSM world, including its most prevalent methods, the structure of the marketplace, and how to improve IT services in a manner that generates maximum value.

What is the Objective of ITIL?

ITIL offers direction for organizations to prepare a blueprint for their transition, service design, operation, and development, ensuring they meet business objectives. Performance measurements, compliances, and reporting are covered in ITIL to help organizations improve their trajectory in service performances and make changes as needed.

Who Uses ITIL and Why?

ITIL practices are used by organizations of all sizes. It is to improve their services, make sure that they support their customer needs and business purposes.

While some companies modify their ITIL framework, others stick to their specific standards.

Companies depend on the ITIL framework because there are visible business benefits, such as quick response to IT issues, better allocation of resources for services, and improved customer satisfaction.

Proactive organizations continually look for ways to better their service performance, as customer satisfaction and retention rates are key performance indicators for their growth. Business goals and services alignment are thus crucial to operations. 

ITIL Components

There are certain levels of ITIL that incorporate all IT service planning, managing, and design:

  • Service Strategy: Consist of financial, portfolio, demand, strategy management, and business relationship for IT services.
  • Service Design: Best practices that involve designing services to meet customer demands along with strategic needs, setting metrics, and managing systems.
  • Service Transition: Informing involved parties for change regarding planning and managing service changes, including outdated systems, risks, or legacy.
  • Service Operation: It consists of all processes, activities, and infrastructure for daily work, which is required to keep up IT operations.
  • Continual Service Improvement: Constantly looking for means to develop services through measurement data and performance metrics.

Through these five stages, businesses can:

  1. Develop strategic procedures surrounding IT services
  2. Depending on measurable needs, actively design services
  3. Users can transit to new services or technologies
  4. Maintain and control all facets of day-to-day IT operations         
  5. Regular performance measurement to find gaps to adjust or improve 

ITIL Certification – Progression by Choice

ITIL certification allows aspirants to pick the certification level and type according to their career mission. There are five levels in ITIL certification to assist IT professionals advance in their career:

  • ITIL Foundation
  • ITIL Practitioner
  • ITIL Intermediate
  • ITIL Expert
  • ITIL Master

ITIL Certifications Pricing

An Axelos certification will provide you with the resources essential for success in wide-ranging industries and careers. An aspirant for ITIL certification can select from certification providers, which are accredited by AXELOS for imparting the training and conducting examinations. Pricing depends on:

  • The country you live
  • ITIL course online or In-person 
  • In-house training within your organization

AXELOS Certification Process

  1. Chose an appropriate Axelos certification course of your preference from available categories
  2. Pick your dates, schedule, and timeslots all through the year
  3. Start preparing for Axelos courses
  4. Go through the reading materials to prepare for actual training
  5. Join your Axelos Certification training to gather knowledge and skills
  6. Get ready for your Axelos certification exam. Do go through sample practice tests before appearing for the main exam. 

Final Thoughts

ITIL is a framework that can sync with your business needs. Instead of an unbending set of rules, it targets to help your organization line up its services to the requirements of your business, industry, and customers. Companies of any size can sustain best practices since ITIL is customizable and scalable. Deciding to select technology solutions that put up with ITIL-based practices make sure your organization is capitalizing on a long-term product that trails the similar rules as your other services.

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