How to buy real tiktok followers?

Is the purchase of followers detected by tiktok?

Buying real tiktok fans is a piece of cake. Still need to know how to go about it. Don’t worry, we’ll see it together. You will only have to follow the steps below to buy tiktok followers UK:

  • Find a serious and reliable site
  • Choose the quantity of tiktok fans you want to order (100, 500, 1000, 5000 or 10000, or even more depending on the site)
  • proceed to payment by credit card or paypal
  • wait for your followers to arrive

Is the purchase of followers detected by tiktok?

Most of the time, the purchase of followers is not detectable by the platform, unless you use a reliable company that provides real tiktok fans.

Nevertheless, it is always preferable certain precaution during your purchase.

How can I make my purchase go unnoticed?

And this in addition to your purchase of abo tiktok. Let’s say you receive 1000 tiktok followers overnight, this may seem suspicious. However, if you receive 10,000 fans but each video receives between 50,000 views and 100,000 additional tiktok views, 1,000 to 5,000 additional likes, and between 100 and 500 shares then your growth is completely natural and you have much less chance than your community or that tiktok detects your purchase.

Let’s take a look at these steps in detail:

Buy tiktok views

Buying tiktok views is very good to combine with buying likes and followers. Indeed, it is quite natural to receive more followers than normal when one of your videos goes viral and gets a large number of views, it is also the opposite which would be surprising. For example for a purchase of 100000 tiktok views we recommend that you buy between 1000 tiktok fans and 10000 tiktok followers, it is a ratio of views / subscribers that we can quite receive when a video goes viral .

Buy tiktok likes

If you buy tiktok likes UK. Indeed, we rarely see videos with a million tiktok views with 500 or 1000 likes tiktok. It is always good to keep a ratio between 10 to 50 likes per 1000 views at a minimum; this figure can be revised downwards when talking about buying millions of tiktok views. Buying tiktok likes will help make your overall strategy natural not to mention that the platform’s algorithms highlight videos with a lot of likes, which makes buying tiktok likes even more profitable

Is there a difference between buying tiktok hearts and tiktok likes?

Many people are unfamiliar with the vocabulary related to tiktok and think that buying tiktok hearts is not the same as buying likes for their tiktok video while these two strategies are exactly the same.

Buy tiktok comments

Buying tiktok comments is a very good idea. Indeed, what would you think of a video with thousands of views, but with 5 or 10 tiktok comments? You will either say to yourself that the person has chosen to buy tiktok views or that his community is not engaged with the artist. Either way it’s not very good for the person who posted the tiktok. In order to prevent this from happening to you, we advise you to always buy quality UK tiktok comments in order to maintain a good rate of engagement which will subsequently promote the referencing of your video as well as your credibility when it comes of collaborate with brands or other tiktok influencers.

Which comments to choose for your purchase?

We recommend that you choose a site that allows you to customize the comments that will be posted under your video. This has several advantages:

  • Optimize the SEO of your videoby inserting keywords related to your niche
  • Make sure comments aren’t off-topic
  • Be sure that the comments will be really positive and French

Buy tiktok shares

Under each tiktok, the number of shares is displayed in bulk unlike other platforms like youtube or instagram on which this number is hidden and accessible only by the person who published the video himself.

The fact that the number of tiktok likes is really highlighted on this platform makes buying tiktok shares very interesting. Indeed, to have a coherent strategy from A to Z, we recommend that you keep a proportion of 100 tiktok shares for 500 tiktok likes purchased. In this way, you will be sure that your purchase of tiktok views and likes will go completely unnoticed.

Our opinion on buying tiktok followers

In our opinion, buying tiktok followers is a good option if you want to develop your visibility when you start on the platform, but not only. Indeed, if you already have a large community of active followers on tiktok it can be all the more interesting to buy real tiktok followers to gain notoriety and be able to win better advertising contracts with big brands. In short buy followers on tiktokis a good option but it will not do everything, you will also have to offer quality content to keep your audience in suspense. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that it will always be better to prioritize quality over quantity, i.e. buy real tiktok followers rather than cheap tiktok fans.



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