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What to look before buy a Good Smartwatch?

Smartwatch Specifications

Evolution of technology in the past few years made it possible for the technology manufacturers to produce certain high quality products in the wearable category. Smartwatches are one of the most popular wearable devices these days, offering several inventive features. 

There are certain things upon which you should pay heed to when going to buy a smartwatch for yourself. This guide will help you to identify some of the principal factors that you should consider to get a smart wearable product i.e., a best smartwatch.  


What is the purpose to invest a good chunk of your money on a smartwatch, not supporting your smartphone and Operating System? 

As smartwatch works as a companion to your phone, you need to make it sure that your intended smartwatch will be supporting your mobile and its OS. For instance, you can’t use an Apple smartwatch with an Android phone since it doesn’t support the Android OS. However, certain leading brands like OPPO is holding a rich portfolio of various top class Android smartwatches. So, you can consider going for it, if you are looking for a superior quality and affordable Android smartwatch.  


Display is another crucial factor that you should carefully notice when buying a smartwatch. Days are gone when you have to rely to a colourless display of a smartwatch, just for the sake of getting a good battery life. Nowadays, certain smartwatch manufacturers are offering compact and colour devices. 

For example, Apple smartwatch comes with a crisp OLED display, but the main turn off is its high price tag. However, the good news is that various well-known brands such as OPPO and Samsung are offering various affordable smartwatches that feature even more advanced AMOLED display. This state of art display not only offer you a breath taking appearance, but it is also one of the safest display technologies ever developed.  

Fitness Features 

Most of the smartwatch manufacturers these days are launching their smartwatches to be used as a wearable fitness trackers. For instance, OPPO Watch (Wifi) helps you get a strong sense of your workouts, thanks to the accelerometer available in the device.  

Moreover, to always keep you in loop about your health, OPPO Watch give you the option to measure your heart beat and to monitor your sleep. You can also set get-up reminders on OPPO Watch to be always on time for your work routine and other tasks. It is also worthy to mention that some smartwatches depend on your smartphone for activity tracking, but as mentioned earlier that is not the case with OPPO Watch. As it features a built-in sensor to track your activity.  

Battery Life 

A typical smartwatch exhibit a bit less battery timing than most of the fitness bands such as OPPO band which is well-equipped to deliver you a battery timing up to 12 days. However, as the technology progresses, we can see some smartwatches which is offering a long lasting battery backup. 

OPPO Watch (Wifi) come with an astonishing power backup up to 21 days, we used in Power Saver mode. Even if you use it in Smart mode, you can still get up to 36 hours of power supply. Another distinguished battery feature of OPPO Watch is its support for VOOC flash charging, which allow you to recharge the watch battery to 46% in just 21 minutes.  


As is the case with most of the deals, price of the smartwatch might be a deal breaker or a clincher for you. Before going to buy a smartwatch, it is recommended to finalise the features that you are aiming for in your next watch. As it is one of the critical factors that decide the price of a good smartwatch. 

Apple smartwatch gives you plentiful features but it comes with a high price tag. On the other hands, OPPO and Samsung having various tempting options available on quite competitive price tags. OPPO watches are specifically popular these days due to their exquisite features and quite affordable prices.  

Wrapping It Up 

With the availability of several options in the market, it is always confusing to decide what features you should consider when buying a smartwatch. We have summed up some of the most crucial aspects that you should look upon to come up with a smartwatch, giving you best value for money.  

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