Employee Onboarding Checklist an HR Department Must Know

A thorough onboarding process helps new employees settle into their roles and teams, better understand work expectations, and prepare for success. Thus, an employee onboarding checklist becomes a must.

Successful onboarding of new employees will improve work performance,  efficiency and employee satisfaction. This contributes to increased engagement and employee retention. In other words, the comprehensive onboarding process is a win-win for everyone involved.

With the onboarding checklist, you won’t miss important items during the first few days, weeks, or months of your busy schedule, as there are many steps to successfully prepare new hires for their work.

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The Employee Onboarding Checklist Should Include the Following:

1. Make it official with HR

If your company has a talent department, please submit a job document for approval before making a hiring decision. The HR team may also require the completion of background checks and drug tests before officially hiring a new employee. Don’t forget to close the vacant seats and delete the vacant seats.

2. Prepare new employee documents 

Collect the following documents that new employees need to complete on the  first day. Tax documents, various contracts or agreements, salary information, and other new employee forms. Print an employee handbook and provide new employees with information about  benefits packages for review. If new employees have questions about their interests or payments, be sure to include their contact information.

3. Get tools and equipment

Request all your devices and equipment a few days in advance to make sure everything is ready on the first day of your new hire. Everything from an employee’s computer or phone to a keyboard or mouse needs to be connected and ready to use as soon as it arrives. 

4. Set up an account and create a login

Contact your IT team, facility manager, or accounting department to make sure your employees have all the assets they need to set up on all relevant systems and  enter the building. Make sure their company email address is set up.

5. Set up a workspace

Make sure  new employees have clean desks and chairs and  other necessary items in their workspace. If possible, place company logo goods, office supplies, or simple gifts such as mugs and small plants on their desk to create a welcome pack for their workplace. 

6. New employee orientation schedule

Schedule new employee orientation time on the  first day of the employee. Ideally, this not only gives employees time to sign documents, but also gives them the opportunity to learn about the company’s culture, review the organization chart, and learn how different departments interact.

7. Send welcome email to new employees

Send a welcome email to the employee prior to the first day of employment to share important details about the expected arrival date (such as the start date), reminders, dress code, first day schedule, park information).

8. Carry out a building inspection with the new employee

Point out where the bathrooms, break rooms and other common areas are. 

This is also a good opportunity to provide  new employees with an access key or code and explain all security protocols. 

9. Assign a peer mentor

In the first few weeks of work, introduce new employees to colleagues who can act as mentors. This person can answer questions, introduce employees to others in the department, and help train them on specific aspects of their role. Having a mentor is important to the success of new hires as it can prevent them from feeling lonely when navigating their new role in an unfamiliar environment.

10. Send  new employee notifications

Welcome new employees to your team by sending  new employee notification emails or sharing arrival news  during  company meetings (or both).

Let current employees know what the new employee will do and share some fun facts for breaking the ice. For example, you can share employee hobbies, interests, and a brief professional background. This announcement is intended to encourage other team members to greet and personally welcome new employees when they find them in the office. On the first day, invite new employees to lunch with the team  to build personal relationships, get used to the company, and feel welcomed and valued from day one.

11. Schedule onboarding feedback time

After the  first week or two, schedule time to meet new employees to see how they are coordinating and if they have any suggestions for an onboarding plan. This conversation may highlight opportunities in the newcomer training process and additional items to add to the newcomer training checklist. 

12. Set check-in schedules for 30, 60, and 90 days

Schedule time to interact with new employees on a regular basis. These meetings should provide an opportunity to share concerns and feedback on how well employees are adapting to their training and roles. 


Depending on your goals, there are many other items you would like to add to your new employee onboarding checklist. You can decide to update and revise the onboarding checklist based on changing needs and employee feedback. 

It may be a live document, but creating a well-organized new employee onboarding checklist can ensure a smooth and seamless experience for new team members, their managers, and colleagues. If you wish to outsource your HR department for better efficiency, you can get in touch with top hr outsourcing companies in India.

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