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Fire Resistant Plywood Is The Best Investment You Can Make

Plywood has become a popular choice for both home and business purposes and the reasons behind this are numerous. Plywood gives many advantages over solid wood like versatile usage, stronger, more durable, cheaper, environment friendly, and many more. You can see them almost everywhere because of the above-mentioned qualities.

In many ways, the usage of plywood is superior to solid wood but one problem that is still left in plywood is the potential threat from fire. In India, fire is the 3rd biggest threat to business operations and India has its large share of the fires that are happening around the world. The rate of death in India has increased by 80 percent in 20 cities and the reason behind the increasing number is fire.

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When a fire happens it costs money, losses in the business, and the most horrible thing is the death of people. In India alone, more than 1.6 million fires happened in the year 2017, and more than 27000 casualties. The reason behind such incidents is the reckless behavior of people, not planning for such fires.

The plywood can be the reason for fires because they let the fire spread at more pace by catching itself. That is why it is advisable to use fireproof plywood in homes to prepare for such things in advance.

But what is fireproof plywood? We will be discussing the CenturyPly technology of fire redundant plywood and why use firewall technology.

What Is Firefighting Plywood?

CenturyPly provides the fire retardant plywood technology in Firewall plywood. When a fire happens every second matters because it can save your and other people’s lives.

These anti-fire plywood are made by applying a chemical preservative to the plywood; the chemical preservative enables the plywood to prevent spreading flames and combat them. In case a fire happens the chemical on the surface of plywood does not let the flames burn the plywood easily. The chemical acts as a wall that keeps the heat away from plywood.

As a result, the plywood does not spread the fire and holds it for more time. They came with the same strength as any other plywood comes with but in addition to firewall technology.

Why Use Firewall Technology And Why Is It A Great Investment Option?

The firewall is the best choice for protecting the lives of your family members. Here are the reasons why you should get anti-fire technology in your homes, making it a brilliant investment option:

  • Self extinguish

The firewall technology gives your plywood the strength to combat the fire. What is special about this is that when the source of the fire is extinguished then you need not worry about the plywood because the firewall technology lets the plywood extinguish the fire on its own.

  • Life-saving

Every second matters the firewall technology does not let the fire spread and acts like a wall which is not letting fire catch on to other things and most importantly it gives you time to call the fire brigade.

  • No additional cost

The benefits of firewall technology are numerous; it can be a life savior. And the other benefit is that it will not come at an additional cost.

All these features and more make Firewall a great investment option which can be availed at affordable pricing points.


CenturyPly has been in the business for more than 40 years now providing plywood sheets, laminates, doors, and many other services. CenturyPly is giving the anti-fire technology to safeguard the lives of its customers and their families lives. It comes with no additional cost, making the plywood self-extinguish which does not let the fire spread further.


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