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Any Sharepoint Consulting and Support company in Chile or any Microsoft 365 Consulting company (ex Office 365), must be clear about the benefits of implementing the range of 365 and Sharepoint solutions to transfer this information to its users with SharePoint Consulting. If you still have doubts about it, we have prepared a publication that will undoubtedly be useful to you.

The transition to the cloud is one of the priorities of most companies of this generation, global and local changes, health problems, and the new professional profiles that the market is looking for requiring new tools, which is why any company in Chile or the world that thinks of competing in more dynamic markets and with projection should join the race, today potential clients are not limited to a geographical area and the cloud is the answer to it, because, for example, a company in Chile could perfectly develop your business hand in hand with an expert SharePoint or Microsoft 365 consultant and achieve the same billing levels as in your traditional model. However, this transition requires investment in infrastructure,

How to correctly implement Microsoft 365?

Despite being an important tool for companies seeking to digitize their processes with the consequent gain in dynamics and projection of their businesses, correctly implementing a solution like Microsoft Office 365 in Chile is not something that happens overnight. , being necessary the intervention of technicians and experts in Microsoft 365 for companies, who can design the strategy and adapt the implementation to the reality of the team and organizational base, in addition to worrying about other important milestones such as:

Have all the services prepared that your company will need.

Optimization of licensing costs and hiring of space in the cloud, since not all companies have the same size or the same needs.

Implement in the most efficient way the technological resources of Microsoft 365 to the way your company works, with staff training if necessary.

In this way, thanks to the technical support and advice of this service, implementing Microsoft 365 in Chile will be something that will take full advantage and advantages in the immediate term.

Advantages of Microsoft Office 365 for business

Implementation cost savings: digitizing a company’s processes involves investing in technological infrastructure and qualified technical personnel for its installation and maintenance. With services and platforms like Microsoft 365 in Chile, none of this is necessary, and according to specialist estimates, the savings would reach up to 80% in the case of large companies.

Up-to-date software and support – Support is provided by Microsoft and all software is at the latest available version with all necessary licenses, giving you peace of mind and confidence.

The cloud in all its glory: work together, manage documents with ease, work from anywhere in the world securely and seamlessly, with a small investment and on a platform that is always available. Today Microsoft Office 365 represents one of the comprehensive technological solutions for companies that aspire to digitize all their work processes.

Licenses according

Scalable: Microsoft Office 365 has several plans or licenses according to the needs of each company. Thus, a small company can start with the cheapest license and scale, without configuration or data loss, as needs increase and are just a click away. There are no infrastructure reinvestment or hiring more staff to make cloud scalability a reality with services like that.

Productivity: when you have sophisticated tools such as Microsoft 365, which allow collaborative work, from multiple devices per user, safely and efficiently, productivity increases significantly because you offer staff software with which they can streamline all processes. Microsoft Office 365 represents a significant increase in business productivity in general, and its correct implementation is the first step to enjoying all its benefits.

When deciding on technological resources such as Microsoft Office 365, however, the advice and analysis of the needs by a specialized technical team are necessary, so that they know how-to guide which license is optimal or how they could be integrated. the productive processes of your company in the software management offered by this service with SharePoint Consulting. Thus, you will find the long-awaited transition to the cloud.

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