A Complete Guide On Live Video Calling – Security & Tips!

Due to the advent of the global Covid-19 pandemic and post-it, many in-person tasks were migrated to online platforms. From enterprise connectivity to homeschooling to chit-chatting with friends and family, everyone was hugely reliant on internet-based video calls. 

As per a statistical report, Zoom announced that its participants’ list spiked up to 300 million in April 2020. But, are live video calling safe to use, and if not what tips can you take to safeguard your data from hackers? Here, in the article below, we will see the top 7 security tips for ensuring safe video calls. Before that,

Secure Live Video Calling & Its Necessity

We could see that live video call is trending these days, and so, security has become an essential parameter. Failing to keep the video calling tool safe and reliable can lead to heavy losses both for the users and businesses. In terms of productivity, user retention, and revenue. 

So, secure video calling must be a practice one must follow to promote security in and around the organization. This act will ensure that your users, their network, data, and important information are not exposed to any third-party breaches, finally keeping the privacy of sensitive data intact. Could be annoying when it happens!

More than anything, the users must feel confident when using your technology for a financial transaction or while staying in touch with the community. For it, security is vital. So, how do we achieve it? 

Here are the 7 pro tips.

How to achieve security in live video calling?

Before integrating a video calling API into a video chat app, there are some of the best practices you must be equipped with to give your users a secure video calling experience.

Below is a list of practices one must not fail to follow:

1. Using Rich & Strong Passwords

One of the best defenses from third-party hackers is using a strong password that is difficult to crack. There are several books that best explain building a strong password. Mostly, it is advisable to include numbers, alphabets, and special characters. Along with this, one-to-one video call apps must use at least 128- bit AES or E2E standards. 

Additionally, if organizations can foster the importance of SSO (Single Sign-On), it would be easy to identify if any user credential or system has been compromised or not. Because having a single set of credentials can be easy to track, manage log history & prevent any further ado.

2. Use Different Levels Of Confidentiality

Best known as domain-based security, it is an approach that puts full control over any information shared within an organization. Ultimately, leading to a secure environment for users to collaborate with others. How does the administrator achieve this? Through different levels of confidentiality, to put precisely, different levels of access to computing systems and networks. 

So only the right people can access the data.

3. Waiting Rooms Can Ensure Security

For those who are all unfamiliar, waiting rooms in a group video call is a virtual space that lets users identify who is all part of the call. And, anyone who seems suspicious can be noted whether they have permission to join the call. It is quintessential that the video cal犀利士
l API that you choose must offer these video call features.

4. Update Video Calling Software Often

Any video call API you opt for will provide you with frequent update notifications. When you receive one, make sure to update your software as it would have incorporated the latest security mechanisms, standards, and protocols that would befit your organization.

5. Links Can Be Of Harm Too

These days, people are aware that any links received from suspicious personnel are not encouraged. As they may be harmful or elsewhere exploit the video calling data. So, whenever you receive any links, always prefer to check their domain name. If ending with ‘.exe’, then those must be avoided.

What’s best is to use the ‘invite option’ of your video calling app that lets you identify people who joined the call without an invite. Finally, for any unusual activity you encounter, be first to report it to your IT team.

6. Encourage For A Security Policy

Creating a fair security policy is by far the best security measure to take when it comes to video calls. Doing this way, helps technical and non-technical staff to understand the guidelines that are being followed in the enterprise. Finally, restraining them from any malicious attempts. 

People who are working remotely will have to deal with this practice. They must be given the knowledge of who is allowed to connect to video calls and who is restricted.

7. Video Chats Must Be HIPAA-ready

Digital healthcare was on the rise even before the pandemic. So now, it has become a greater need to protect video chats and audio calls from third-party intrusions. It is here, HIPPAA compliance comes into act. This means that any software that uses or stores a patient’s personal information has to follow HIPAA compatibility. They must abide by the regulatory board’s guidelines and security standards. 

Now that we saw the best practices that must be followed for video chats, let us see a unique video calling API provider who is a master in security, scalability, and privacy.

Best Security Video Calling API Provider

Designed for developers, MirrorFly video calling API gives them everything that they require to build an exceptional video calling experience. Its high-end and easy-to-integrate SDKs offer feature-rich video solutions that have powered billions of conversations so far thus making it the powerhouse for business communications. 

They are packed with rich benefits like low latency, AES Encryption, HIPAA and GDPR compliances, E2E encryption mechanisms, and robust features.

Best Features

  • One-to-one video call
  • Group video call
  • Call logs
  • Push notifications
  • Call reconnecting
  • Mute & unmute calls

Summing Up

Finally, we have reached this far! From learning why security is a necessity for any organization to the best and most secure video calling API provider, we haven’t left any topic uncovered. Hoping that this article would help you gain insight on the importance of security in video call apps.  

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