How to direct your logo designer? Tell Them These 4 Things!

So, have a logo that you want and not what they design. Here are the 4 things you need to tell them.

You wanted a Logo for your company, so you hired a Logo designer. Now you are thinking your job is done. And the logo designer will handle everything. The custom logos‘ Done! But the point is, that your responsibility doesn’t end there if you want the best logo for your brand.

The logo designer will just design the ideas. Unless you give him the ideas he needs to work on, he can not accomplish the goals. Because as a third person, the designer can’t know your brand in and out. He doesn’t have the vision you are having. You need to guide him through the process.

You may think you are not professional enough to make the logo. The other thing is you don’t have the knowledge needed for designing the logo. You may doubt that you may interfere with the design and make the design worse. This is true. You may make a bad design if you make your own logo without professional knowledge. And that’s why you hired a designer. Agreed.

But you still need to Guide them. Guide them to design a logo you want for your company. With their expertise and your guidance, you can make the best logo. So, have a logo that you want and not what they design. Here are the 4 things you need to tell them.

What do you want?

Be clear and convey what you want in your design correctly. A logo design must be appropriate for the concepts, beliefs, and activities it symbolizes. An attractive typeface will look better in a high-end restaurant than in a children’s daycare. Similarly, a color scheme of brilliant pink and yellow is unlikely to help your message connect with male retirees.

You are aware of these things, and they may appear to be self-evident, yet appropriateness extends beyond this. The more suitable your justification for a specific design, the simpler it will be to sell the idea to a customer (which may be the most difficult portion of a project). Remember that designers do more than simply design.

Guide the designers about the fonts, colors, and icons you believe will be good for your logo. The color, design, and general “feel” of your logo all stem from what you want to express with your brand. This may often be condensed to 10 words or fewer, which will get the ball moving with your logo designers. This is the best exercise you can do. Describe your brand in adjectives. It will help the designers too to create a value-specific logo.

Your brand ideology

Your logo is significant because the brand is significant. Furthermore, your logo is frequently the first thing people see and remember about your organization and brand – and it will have a significant link with how your brand makes them feel. It is your brand’s primary identifier, as well as the first and most crucial vehicle for conveying its basic values and message.

An excellent logo is straightforward, concise, and logical. It is constant throughout time and across the different locations where stakeholders may come into contact with it. It’s also communicative: it emphasizes your main point.

Separate visual symbols employed as logos are more successful than brand names at eliciting an emotional response from customers. This may not come as a surprise given that symbols have traditionally been seen to be more successful than words as communication tools. Symbols are more effective at breaking through language barriers and are easier to understand than words.

Despite the well-recognized advantages of symbols over words, surprisingly few businesses use separate visual symbols. What your brand looks like, your color preferences or the typefaces and colors you already use are all significant, but a designer doesn’t need to start thinking about what they want to create for you.

Design is more than just color, just as a person is more than just their body – yet that’s what you see on the surface. And your logo isn’t your brand. Your brand is intangible; it is your reputation—what people think of when they hear your name, what they tell others about you, and how they feel when they interact with you. Your brand is formed by a thousand interactions with your consumers, not by a logo.

You need your logo to convey the individuality of your company. And in order to accomplish so, you must first grasp your brand’s essential personality. Once you understand what makes you special and what your brand stands for, it will be a lot simpler to create design decisions that complement and complete that picture.

The goals you want to accomplish with your Logo

Logos are made to accomplish certain goals. These goals must be defined by the designers so that they will design the logo for that purpose. The purpose of the logo can vary from brand to brand. Other than uniqueness and memorability, the logos can be used for different purposes.

It can grab the attention of the audience. It can be making a strong first impression. Logos can hit people emotionally. So, to move people emotionally can be one purpose. Try to inspire brand loyalty through your logo.

Even if there isn’t a word restriction on this one, you should keep your responses short. What is the message you want your logo to send? What’s your preferred method of expression? What exactly do you want your logo to accomplish? People might be inspired by logos, moved to tears by them, or amused by them. It’s difficult to execute all three, so make sure you know what you want your logo designers to achieve with their first ideas.

Your inspirations

When you hire designers, they will ask you various questions about fonts, colors, layouts, etc. You can provide them with the logos you like. Provide them with examples of what your logo should look like. They can take inspiration from those logos. The logos can be competitors’ logos too.

With your design inspirations, you can add fuel to their creative fires. You will direct their imagination in a certain way which will help them to design better. What kind of designs do you like? You may like the range of designs from logo designs to Web page designs. As a viewer, you like some designs. So, show it to the designers.

The designs you like give designers a direction. They can work in that direction for a logo you want. Taking inspiration is okay but copying the designs you like is not. It affects your brand identity. Brand identity is something unique. It depends on your brand values. If you are copying the logo even on the things that don’t even matter, then you will lose your uniqueness. Your audience will resonate with your brand with another brand.

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