3 Best Tools Being Used By Content Writers

Content writing is a tough row to hoe, but it is not rocket science. This task seemed difficult in the era when there were no supportive tools like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor or Quilbot. Since it is 2022, when every arduous task is a cakewalk, how could content writing lag behind? 


These 3 tools have rapidified the pace of content writing & helped in enhancing the quality deliverance: 


  • Grammarly 

Web design Toronto professionals were hiring a content writer to write high-quality & unique content. At the interview, they asked the candidates, “Which tools do you use for effective writing?” Their answers varied to one another, but all of them commenced their reply with one word ‘Grammarly’. Grammarly is one of the most trusted tools by the writers because: 


Offers Synonyms & Alternative Ways To Write

Grammarly is a favorite tool for people with poor vocabulary. It immediately detects repetitive words and offers synonyms to avoid repetition. Besides, it helps us to be transparent with our writing. 


Mistake Identification & Correction

Be it a professional writer or a non-writer; everybody makes some careless mistakes. We can easily identify & correct such errors with Grammarly’s assistance. This tool offers suggestions, but it is entirely an individual’s will to decide whether they want to accept the suggestion or not. 


Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly Pro (Premium Version/Paid Version) allows several more benefits than the free version. The writers can check the uniqueness of their content through plagiarism checking features. The feature provides accurate results. 


Automatic Saving 

The edits writers are making in the content get automatically saved. They can easily find their content in the ‘My Documents’ section. They get to see the ‘last edit version’. 


Parameter Based Judging


Grammarly gives an excellent insight to the writers about their content’s quality. It scores the content based on five parameters: correctness, clarity, engagement, delivery, and style guide.


Goal Adjustment 

There are different writing styles: academic, business, general, email, casual & creative. Grammarly helps the writers to polish their content as per the required domain. Besides, there are other credentials based on which we can adjust our goals – intent, audience, and formality. 


  • Hemingway Editor

Writers must be equipped with a toolkit consisting of supportive tools. Relying merely on one tool is not a trait of a professional writer. Grammarly is undoubtedly enlisted in everyone’s ‘Tools to be used for effective writing’ list, but ‘a soldier with one weapon can’t win a war’. So here, another effective tool is introduced. The benefits of including Hemingway editor in ‘Tools to use’ are as follows: 


Color Coding Way To Highlight Lackings

A good blog, article or any web content is supposed to be easy to read & easy to understand. While writing, writers keep on writing with the flow and do not realize that they are writing hard-to-read sentences. But the Hemingway editor has sorted the problem, and writers could write freely without restrictions. Once they are done writing, they need to copy and paste the written text into this editor; it will detect the sentences that are ‘very hard to read’ and ‘hard to read’. So, writers, buck up and add these tools to your toolkit. 


Easy Import and Export 

With Hemingway editor, we can easily import and export the document to and from Microsoft word. With this feature, writers can save a lot of time. Web design Toronto professionals usually check the content delivered to them through this editor to ensure the content is not complex for the average user to understand. 


Common Grammar Errors 

Though we have Grammarly for the error correction, it is better to get it checked from another editor like Heminway editor, which finds grammatical errors through different algorithms. Double-checking is always better. It always helps us to get highly-refined content. 


Get The Content Even More Clear 

As mentioned, when the writers are writing with the flow, they do not realize whether they are being clear with what they have to say. But this editing tool can help you bring clarity to the content. 


Unnecessary Words Or Sentences Can Be Avoided 

The professional content needs to be to-the-point. Hemingway helps to get rid of unnecessary phrases and words. It also suggests alternative suitable words or phrases for the written ones. 


Did you know?

Web design Toronto professionals usually consider the ‘READABILITY SCORE’ for checking the candidate’s content. 


No Internet Connection 

It is one step better than Grammarly. How? Grammarly needs an internet connection to check the errors, but Hemingway editor can work even offline. So if writers are facing a bad internet connection, they needn’t worry; Hemingway editor can help them. 


  • Quillbot

The recently introduced quillbot has caught writers’ fancy; today, writers take much advantage of this tool. It is a rewriting tool. Writers are not God; after all, they also face problems in sentence formation. Quillbolt prevents writers from wasting much time on forming the correct sentences. Though advanced features are available in the premium version, the free version’s benefits cannot be underrated. Here are some of the reasons why should quillbot be used: 


Catchy Sentence Formation 

There are many synonyms of a single word, and it is nearly impossible for everyone to remember all of them. With quillbot, you do not have to pressurize yourself to be pro in using synonymous words. Like yesterday, I was writing web content for some web design Toronto professionals. I wrote, “This company has been developing rapidly since 2001.” When I checked this sentence in the quillbot, it showed these suggestions to me :

  • Since 2001, our business has been increasing.
  • Since 2001, this company has been expanding quickly.


Set The Level Of Synonyms 

The writers are facilitated with goal setting. They can set the level of synonyms they want their sentence to have. It is a fascinating feature that writers found. 


Plagiarism Checker

Like Grammarly, Quillbot also offers a plagiarism checker, but its benefit can only be enjoyed with the premium version. 


A Lot More

It is not the end. Quillbolt is much more vast than you can think. Apart from a rewriter and plagiarism checker, it does offer a summarizer and citation generator. I strongly suggest that professional content writers use this tool for professional and error-free writing. 


Final Comments!

Here in this blog, we have mentioned only 3 tools predominantly used by the writers. But professional writers usually use more tools than mentioned. If the readers are interested to know all of them, please say it in the comment section.  

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