7 General Labour Jobs in Canada That Are in High Demand Right Now

If you’re looking to get into the workforce in Canada, or if you’re just beginning your job search, there are some general labour jobs that are in high demand right now. General labour jobs usually don’t require formal education, though they do require hard work and perseverance on your part. These are some of the most common general labour jobs available across Canada right now, so consider applying to them if you think they might be a good fit!

1) Construction Labourer

Canada offers a variety of opportunities for construction labourers. Whether you want to work in the cold or the heat, you can find jobs that will provide you with competitive wages and a variety of benefits. One such opportunity is with a company called Packers and Movers, which offers steady income and benefits for those willing to pack boxes all day long. However, if you are looking for something more physically demanding, Canada cleaners might be the place for you.

2) Manufacturing Labourer

Canada cleaners are looking for experienced general labourers to help them clean homes, offices and hotels. If you have experience as a janitor, cleaner or housekeeping assistant, apply for this job and land a position with Canada Cleaners.

Canada Packers and Movers is also hiring general labour workers to help them pack and unpack boxes. The hours are flexible and the pay is good; be sure to check out the job posting on their website to learn more about this opportunity.

3) Warehouse Associate

A warehouse associate is someone who works at a warehouse and is responsible for receiving shipments, counting inventory, maintaining inventory levels, and packing orders. Because of the amount of data that must be tracked, these positions can require a high level of literacy and math skills.

General labour jobs in Canada are plentiful, with most employers looking for candidates with experience or a post-secondary diploma. The good news is that the qualifications needed to find these jobs aren’t as high as they are for other industries.

4) Agricultural Worker

This labour position requires a person to perform various tasks related to the production of crops, such as planting, weeding, and harvesting. Growing up on a farm or having experience with machinery is an asset for this job.

5) Janitorial Staff

If you’re looking for a general labour job in Canada, janitorial staff are essential. This is a great job for those that are looking to work indoors as they have plenty of time to multitask and do a variety of different tasks. The downside is that they often have to deal with heavy lifting, so it’s not the best option for those who struggle with their back.

Canada cleaners are also essential when you’re looking at general labour jobs in Canada.

6) Landscaping Worker

Landscaping can be a challenging job, with workers often climbing up ladders and working on high surfaces. However, landscaping is one of the most popular Canadian jobs, with cleaners and movers coming close behind. Packers and movers are also in demand, as are Canada cleaners.

7) Recycling Plant Worker

Packers and Movers is a high-demand job opportunity for general labour workers. It’s a role with the responsibility of packing up items, moving them from one place to another, and unpacking at the destination. Canada cleaners are also a high-demand job opportunity for general labour workers. These labourers are responsible for cleaning both public and private spaces on behalf of their company or client.

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