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5 Pros of Underfloor Heating – Does it Work Under Wood Floors?

Underfloor heating has become the most popular way of heating a home. It transforms your floor into a big heat emitter via pipes or cables installed under the floors. It is efficient and manageable but is it right for your building? Let’s find out.

It can be hard to switch from radiators to the UFH system. However, when undertaking a self-build or extending your space, it is wise to include underfloor heating in your property layout to ensure the proper functioning and effective heating output. Also, it works great with renewable technology like heat pumps, which have a low flow rate.

In this guide, we will discuss the pros of UFH, how it works, and can it be installed under wooden flooring.

What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating includes installation of the system, either pipes or wires into the floor for uniform heat distribution throughout the room. It warms the room from the ground and increases comfort levels than a traditional radiator system.

How does Underfloor Heating System Work?

UFH heats the entire floor – the screed and floor finish and that heat radiate into the room. The effect of the system is it heats the room from the ground up, offering evenly distributed heat and comfort across the room. It eliminates cold spots, especially during winters, and thereby, enhances the level of comfort and serenity.

The ceiling can be at 18°C and you will still feel comfortable at 20°C at sofa level. Also, the reduction in temperature can help reduce the heating bill by 10%.

Pros of Underfloor Heating

  • Underfloor Heating reduces cold spots across large areas, making it a viable option for the winter months
  • It operates at a lower temperature than radiators, which means UFH is more energy-efficient
  • It is compatible with many kinds of flooring
  • No need to install space-stealing radiators. UFH increases the floor area of a house by 15%
  • It is safe for children and adults as well as improve indoor air quality

Can You Install Underfloor Heating Under Wood Floors?

UFH isn’t only compatible with tile or stone flooring, it works well with hard floors and wood floors. Ceramic and porcelain tiles, vinyl tiles, and natural stone flooring are amongst the popular choices for UFH, but there are other suitable floor types as well.

  • Solid Wood Floors– It has enough thickness to withstand up to ten rounds of sanding and refinishing. However, the thickness can result in a few issues.
  • Engineered Wood Floors– It is made from various sheets of thin wood united together. It leads to supple properties, wherein a high level of bending and stretching can occur.

A thick hardwood can result in some complications when installing a UFH system. On the contrary, thin layers of engineered wood floors allow a certain level of responsive expansion at different levels within the wood.


It is advised to tell the UFH system provider the type of flooring you have so that the pipe layout can be specified properly. Engineered wood works well with underfloor heating if it has a thin profile, without affecting the wood or heat output. Conversely, solid wood floors can’t cope with continuous temperature changes and are likely to get damaged.

It is also worth noting that UFH has a longer lifespan than radiators before becoming inefficient. Also, it offers a significant reduction in energy demand than a radiator system, which is hard to overlook.

About the Author:

Suntask.ie is a reliable supplier of plumbing and heating products, including illuminated bathroom LED mirrors, underfloor heating systems, thermostats, cylinders, pipes and fitting, solar panels, pumps and valves, accessories, and tools like a staple gun. All products are focused to reduce fossil fuels usage, limit carbon emissions and provide energy-efficient solutions.

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