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Best Vastu Tips for Farmhouses and Farms

Vastu is an ancient system of architecture that governs the flow of energies in physical and spiritual manner in a space, to feel better and more connected. Modern day practices of Vastu are beneficial for people of all faiths, but they typically focus on improving health and well-being.

Nowadays, however, both farmers and other agricultural workers need to make sure their farms are conducive for both mental and physical well-being. This enables them to continue working without any detriment. Not only this, balanced Vastu element of the farm substantially increases the positive energy flow.

Vastu for Farm house may include the entry or exit, location of water borewell, machinery, green belt, electrical station etc. We must plan farmhouse in compliance with Vastu Shastra.  

What is Vastu?

Vastu is a traditional Indian science of architecture and spatial arrangement that focuses on creating harmony between the human body and its environment. Vastu principles & methods are mostly used globally for residential, corporate & industrial sectors, and can be adapted for use in any culture. It does not depend on the geographical region or culture. Vastu is an absolute science, far different from the religious practices.


Farmhouses and Vastu

Vastu is a practice of architecture, Feng Shui and geomancy that stemmed from ancient Indian texts. Basically, it’s the idea that a building’s design can influence the well-being of those living in it or visiting it.

The three major principles are: Appropriate direction, Proper Orientation and Balance of Five Elements (Panchtatvas). Though there are many theories out there on what differentiates Vastu. One must know that

  1.   Vastu Shastra begins with the proper utilization of each direction as per the attributes of that direction.
  2. Correct orientation as per the nature of activity being planned there.
  3.   The balance of five elements of nature (panchtatvas) should be maintained in any space, irrespective of its usage.

A learned Vastu expert balances the space as per Vastu without any demolition.


Considerations for a Farmhouse

The farmhouse is not just a place to eat, sleep, socialize with friends and family. There are many considerations to be made before buying a farmhouse. These considerations include the location of the farmhouse on the property, its size and shape, the architecture of the house, and even the type of crops that will be grown there. Not only this, but also the entrance/exit, the toilets & sewers, water sources, colors etc. play an equally important role in shaping the Vastu for a farmhouse. One must opt for Vastu check by a professional vastu consultant to ensure that they buy the right property.


Best Types of Vastu in a Farmhouse

The vastu principles prescribe that the entrance of the house should be auspicious to attract wealth & prosperity. We must balance the five elements of nature while planning a farmhouse, ensuring the overall progress for the owners. The best types of vastu to use in a farmhouse, as provided by best vastu experts at www.vaastudevayah.com would include the Vastu alignment being oriented towards the purpose of the land i.e., socializing or family activities or agricultural purposes.


Vastu Tips for decorating a farmhouse

Farmhouses tend to have a lot of natural light. Design the farmhouse to be open, airy spaces. Since there is so much natural light, Vastu experts recommend making the rooms lighter in color. The living room should be open and graced with large windows. The bedrooms should also be located in Vastu compliant directions to ensure relaxed & peaceful sleep during the stay. The green area or landscaping should be preferred in North & East directions which enhances the overall vibration of the property. We must plan features like a water pond, swimming pool etc. in the North direction. 


Visual aids that help with the design of a vastu room

Visually stimulating objects can help guide your design ideas for a vastu room. You should also consider using a number of different colors, shapes, and textures in compliance with Vastu Shastra so that you are able to get your creative juices flowing.

Vastu Tips for Farmhouse

  • The entrance or exit to the farmhouse should be in the positive direction.
  • The water sources like swimming pool, water borewell etc. should be in the North or East direction.
  • Having Green belt area or landscaping should be in the East or South East direction will be beneficial for the plot.
  • We should construction the building structure towards South-West or West directions.  
  • Generator, Electrical Mains, Transformer etc. should ideally be in the South-East direction, as per Vastu.

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