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Top 5 Tapestries That Will Add an Traditional Feel to Any Room

Do you want an ethnic feel for your room so that your room looks special? 

We have some amazing ideas to decorate your room with some ethnic and aesthetic stuff. These things will not only look attractive but will also connect you spiritually and will bring mental and physical peace. 

Here are some tapestry ideas to decorate your room into something special. Now you would be thinking why tapestries?

It’s a beautiful rug that hangs on the wall and has intricate graphics or motifs on it. The images on some tapestries, like the well-known Unicorn Tapestries, are used to tell stories. Weaving a painting into cloth is a brilliant idea since it makes art more accessible and portable.

Here are some tapestry designs for your to be ethnic room. 

Weed Tapestry 

A Weed Tapestry  is a Buddhist and Hindu spiritual emblem that represents the entire cosmos. Mandalas were invented as a way to organize life’s structures. It is an important symbol for both Hindus and Buddhists, as it denotes completeness/wholeness. In general, a mandala represents a spiritual journey that starts on the outside and goes through layers to the inner core.  So when you put this spiritual artwork in your room it will not just help the room look beautiful but will also connect your soul spiritually. 

Sun and moon Tapestry 

In many cultures, the sun and moon represent different things, yet their polarity is something they all share in common.  If you would like to feature an ancient vibe to your home then you’ll choose Sun Moon Tapestry. it’s one among the foremost vibrant tapestries which compliments any sort of room décor. The Sun and Moon pattern also adds positivity in your house. If you would like to feature a charm to your home, then you’ll decorate your home with this Tapestry pattern. 

Sun and moon have a great significance in a person’s daily life. When these two elements are added in your room, not only your room but also your whole atmosphere will be spiritually beautiful. 

 Elephant wall tapestry 

The elephant tapestry is a symbol of royalty, power, wisdom, fertility, and longevity, among other things. Lord Ganesha, the Elephant Divine, is the most popularly revered Hindu god deity in Hinduism. He is a “perfect wisdom” figure, as well as a “obstacle remover” and a “prosperity bestower.” An elephant’s symbolism provides compassion, truth, peace, love, and kindness when associated with the Buddha. In Thailand and Burma, it is widely viewed as sacred and linked with monarchy, as well as a good luck symbol. So, if you’re in need of some or want a piece of art with a deeper message, this piece is ideal for you.

Star Weed Tapestry  

The Star Weed Tapestry  combines eastern elements with contemporary ideas. These lovely prints are a perfect way to brighten up your bed, ceiling, and walls. This stunning work of art can be used as a bedspread, bed cover, tablecloth, curtain, and, of course, a tapestry or wall hanging. Also ideal for a picnic or a trip to the beach. It is hand printed on 100 percent cotton in large, child-free facilities for your comfort. This cotton handcrafted wall hanging will give your area an ethnic character. Star Weed Tapestry  consists of Mandla with stars. It is a combination of stars with Mandala. 

Stars also play a very important role in people’s daily life. Stars signify the personality or the nature of the person. Imagine these stars when combined with Mandala which represents the whole universe; how beautiful a combination of them would be in your room. The power of the universe will be there in your tapestry. 

Omber Floral Wall Tapestry 

The ombre mandala tapestries can instantly bring your dorm room or bedroom to life, making it feel warm and inviting. Make your walls into eye candy by using ombre wall tapestry bedding. It’s a simple way to refresh your decor and offer instant comfort. It’s a delicately crafted thin sheet made in India from 100 percent fine cotton. It brings a splash of color and personality to any room. This tapestry is lovely and will spread love and peace throughout the world. This creative sculpture will revitalize the space and increase the positive energy in the air. This cotton Indian handcrafted vegan wall hanging and bedding will give your decor an ethnic flavor.

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