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5 Common Mistakes People Make While Purchasing LED Lights

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LED lights are becoming popular day by day. And with this growing popularity, more and more people are investing in it. The main reason why people are more into LED lights these days is that they are pocket friendly, save energy, work for a longer period of time and enhance the beauty of their homes. But before buying LED lights, you must be careful and should not make the following mistakes-

Consider the power supply of your area

Always check for the power supply before getting the LED lights installed in the fixtures. Most incandescent lamps require high voltage, and thus they are connected directly to the voltage supply. LED lights are connected to ballasts which control the flow of the current. One common mistake people make while changing their conventional lighting to LED lighting is that they don’t change the direct connection to the ballast connection. You should always look for the type of LED and the connection it requires.

Check for the shape of the beam

The illumination of the light depends on the beam of the light. LED lights come in different beam shaped that help in determining the amount of light you need for the area. For example, a globe-shaped LED is capable of providing light in all directions. These types of LED lights can be used in larger areas such as parking lots, warehouses, basements, etc. On the other hand, a PAR bulb emits a narrow light which lightens up only a particular area. These can be used in the kitchen areas, drawing rooms and bedrooms.

Make sure that the colour performance is good

LED lights come in various colours. The warmness of the light is measured in Kelvin. If the value is more than 4000K, then it will produce a cooler illumination, and if the value is less than 4000K, it will produce a warmer illumination. Make sure that you select the right LED that matches the environment and enhances the beauty of the objects placed under it.

Check for various policies

With LED lights being in demand these days, many companies and governments are coming up with new policies and incentives that can save you money. There are chances that you may get some free gifts along with some incentives if you buy LED lights from a particular company or at a particular time. Keep an eye on the news and check for the latest updates so that you don’t miss any golden chances.

Always go for the quality

It is true that office LED panel lights have a good lifespan, and you don’t need to spend a lot on their maintenance. But these lights can stop working after some time if they are not of good quality. Therefore, you must buy the lights which are of good quality. Look for popular brands, read reviews, talk to people who have already installed them in their house and do full research on them. Once you are sure that the company is offering you a high-quality product, and then only buy it.

Make sure you get the warranty on the product so that you can ask for a refund or exchange if you receive a damaged product.


LED lights like LED battens lights are gaining a lot of attention from people because of their beauty. With more people buying it, the market for LED lights has touched the skies. But buying the correct light can be tough sometimes. One must check for the power supply and make sure that the LED light is connected to ballasts and not directly to the voltage supply. Always check for the shape of the beam and the area for which it is required. Last but not the least, always go for quality over price. LED lights can be costlier than regular lights, but they have many benefits. They work for a longer period of time, and you don’t have to replace them on a regular basis, unlike your other conventional lights. These lights have a good lifespan, and thus, these are considered to be a one-time investment. Do read the above article to prevent you from making the common mistakes people make while purchasing LED lights.

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