What makes three stone engagement rings different

Every engagement ring has a story of its own- A story of its significance. Unlike other solitaire rings, a three-stone engagement ring has its significance. Let’s see how a three-stone engagement ring is unique from other engagement rings.

Significance of three stone engagement ring

Among the three stones in an engagement ring, the first stone symbolizes a couple’s past, how they met and fell in love, the center stone symbolizes their present and the last stone symbolizes their future and every milestone that they shall achieve together. The three diamonds tell a story of love, commitment, and trust between two people who want to spend their lives together. Now, this is the belief that has been set for years. When you buy a three-stone diamond ring, you can give your thoughts and significance, whatever you feel is meaningful. It’s your engagement ring and you both have equal right to lend your significance to the ring.

How are three-stone engagement rings unique?

The importance of three stone engagement rings makes these rings different from other engagement rings. Some other factors that make a three-stone engagement ring different from other rings are as follows

More stones, less price

It is known to all that a solitaire of 2 carats is almost double the price of a one-carat diamond. Hence, if you buy three medium sized or small-sized diamonds, it shall cost you less than a large solitaire ring. Also, the stones in a three stone engagement ring spread out and not up resulting in a fuller look on your finger.

Choose the three shapes according to your choice

Many people cannot decide the shape of the stone or diamond they want, as all the shapes suit them perfectly. In a three-stone ring, you get an option to choose more than one shape of a stone. It can be a rectangle in the center with two diamonds on both sides or an oval diamond in the center and two pear-shaped diamonds surrounding the sides.

You can also mix and match the colors as per your choices.

Not necessarily the three stones of your engagement ring need to be the same color and same type. If you are a multi-color lover, you can customize your engagement ring with more than one color stone. You can also choose two of your favorite gemstones in your three-stone engagement rings. You can choose a diamond for the center and a ruby for the remaining two stones. It gives your engagement ring a unique look that will attract people’s eyes towards you.

Three-stone engagement rings are usually low profile

With the increase of carat, the height of the stone also increases. The bigger the solitaire diamond is, it also grows upwards. So, if you desire your engagement ring to look big, but worried about its wearability, then your search shall end when your eyes hit the three-stone engagement ring. The stones here contoured in a perfect way, so that it does not get stuck in straps and sweaters, unlike large solitaire rings. These rings require low maintenance and still look like they cost higher than they do. You will get a wide range of three stone rings in Hatton Garden.

Whether it is a solitaire ring or a three-stone ring, every engagement ring has a unique look. Decide as per your choice, as it’s all about your engagement ring.

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