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The Balayage and Ombre hair coloring hairstyles technique made a big splash in the early 2010s, becoming one of the most popular hair trends of that decade. Ten years later, this trend shows no sign of slowing down; in fact, it’s grown even more popular—thanks to celebrities and models who have helped make this style so popular. One reason for its popularity is its melting effect, which looks great on photos but is also very easy to maintain. Many people wonder what the difference between balayage and ombre is. In today’s blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about these popular dying methods! We have a wide range of Ombre & Balayage Hair Extensions to try out at Halo Couture —we will guide you through each shade in this blog!

What Is Balayage Coloring Hairstyles Extensions?

Balayage is a highlighting technique that emphasizes the ends of your hair and frames your face. When you get balayage, your stylist usually doesn’t apply color to the roots. That’s because the natural look is more flattering and natural-looking. If you’re looking for a sunkissed look, balayage is definitely for you!

What Is Ombre Hair?

Ombre is a coloring technique that gives the effect of one color fading into another in a smooth gradient. It’s most commonly done with a dark color fading into a blonde or light shade, but it can vary as more and more people play with the rules of this trend. Generally, ombre is more dramatic than its sister method: balayage.

What Is The Difference Between Balayage And Ombre?

The images above show two types of hair coloring. Balayage, which is a French word meaning “to sweep,” is more natural-looking with subtle shades and multiple tones used. Ombre, which comes from the French word for “shadow,” has a more dramatic look with no variation in color at the ends and top.

Dark Espresso Melt Balayage Coloring Hairstyles Extensions

Dark Espresso Melt is our most popular Balayage shade. The first 6 inches of this color are made from Darkest Brown, which then melts into ends of Chocolate Brown and Chestnut Brown. These shades are great for naturally dark-haired customers wanting to enhance the balayage they already have or add beautiful caramel tones to their dark hair without needing to dye it.

Soft Bronze Balayage Hairstyles

Soft Bronze Balayage is a root-to-end combination of warm blondes and cool browns. This shade is subtle, with just a hint of bronzed warmth. It’s great for adding depth to mousey brown hair or enhancing a delicate balayage. You can find this color in most of our products—it’s super popular in our Seamless Full Head. Halo Couture’s Soft Bronze Balayage is a root-to-end blend of Lightest Brown and Dark Blonde, which melts into a brownish-blonde with a hint of coolness. This shade is ideal for adding depth to mousey brown natural hair or enhancing a delicate balayage.

Chestnut Honey Balayage Hairstyles

Our Chestnut Honey Balayage blend is a melting pot of warm browns, light chestnut browns, and strawberry blondes. This stunning mixture will give you the most gorgeous balayage color that will perfectly match your natural hair color. You can find this shade in most of our Clip-In products and also in our Tape in Human Hair Extensions.

How To Match Extensions To Balayage Hair?

Why not try a Balayage clip in hair extensions? They give you the look of Sunkissed highlights and don’t require bleaching your hair. Just choose a slightly lighter shade than your own and you’ll have gorgeous highlights every time! Thank you for reading our blog! We hope you enjoyed this article – if you liked what you’ve read, share this with your friends and follow us on our Social Media channels to keep up with the latest trends, tips, guides, and more!

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