How to Get the Most Out of MAPS Fall 2022 Conference?

The medical profession is one of the noblest professions. The medical workers not only help in easing the pains and healing the wounds but also have proven to be life savers on many occasions.

It puts the medical profession and its professionals in a critically responsible position. All healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, medical attendants, etc., have to be at the top of the current knowledge of this vast and fast-improving field of medical science.

For this very purpose, various medical conferences are conducted across the world, right from general medical conferences to conferences dedicated to specific fields of medicine such as neurological, cardio health, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatric conferences, etc.

These conferences are held at regular intervals such as annually, biannually, or sometimes even quarterly. The main objective of such a medical conference is to discuss and share the latest advancements in the field of medicine that will help medical professionals in their careers.

One such conference is organized by the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs or MAPS. As the name suggests, the MAPS conferences are focused on the medical science of pediatric special needs. These conferences are held twice a year, once in Fall and the other during Spring.

If you are a pediatrician or someone with a deep interest in pediatric special needs, such a pediatric conference could benefit your holistic professional growth.

Though the main reason any medical conference gets conducted is to impart, share and spread the latest ideas, news, and techniques in the field of medicine, the reasons for the participants to attend one such conference vary individually across the fraternity.

If you plan to attend the Fall conference, here are a few pointers that should help you to get the best out of MAPS Fall Conference 2022.

1. Motive – the big why

It is a common understanding in the medical field that a conference is as good as you make them.

A pediatric conference or any other medical conference offers manifold values. It is up to the participants how best they assimilate them.

For the best value assimilation, a participant needs to be clear about why he is attending the medical conference.

A motive for attending a conference could be for education, networking, recreation, or a combination of any of these. You can plan your schedule and the approach accordingly if a clear motive is established beforehand.

2. Preparation

Showing up is one thing, but having a plan to act upon is different. And preparation is the key to getting the most out of any medical conference. The better you prepare, the better your chances to meet your motive and reap the benefits of attending a pediatric conference or any other conference.

3. Background research

You might want to research the different events, seminars, and topics to be discussed at the conference. You might need to jot down any questions or points you would like to highlight at the conference.

Any research about the speaker and their expertise beforehand also gives an edge in establishing a natural connection during the session.

A medical conference such as a pediatric conference will bring in new developments in pediatric sciences and allied fields. It is best to research the allied fields that might be helpful for your contribution to the medical profession at large.

Check out the look, format, and theme of the conference. Further, you should examine the list of events and check whether any seminar or event triggers your interest mainly. If it requires prior registration, you should do the needful in advance and ensure your place is secured before you arrive at the venue.

4. Map out the venue

Your place of stay during the conference will also determine your experience. Research about the hotels and commute time to the venue of the conference. The nearer you stay to the venue, the better it would be.

You should check out the surroundings of the venue beforehand on the internet or any other reliable source. If recreation is your motive, then you can check out the surrounding places of attraction to visit during or after your stay for the conference period.

If you are traveling with family, spouse, or children, you should check whether the place offers a good alternative for your family members to spend their time while you attend the conference.

5. Pack your bags

With most of the mental homework done for the trip, it is time to pack your bags for the journey.

You need to ensure you pack adequately – appropriate clothes to attend the seminars, events. Any trips or excursions you may personally plan for yourself and your family.

Check if you need to carry any presentation if you are delivering one at the conference.

Also, carry a sufficient amount of business cards at the conference. One of the inherent benefits of attending a medical conference such as the pediatric conference or any other medical conference is that you get an immense opportunity to network.

You never know when and whom you could meet. It could be a pioneering leader in your field, your role model who inspired you for so long. A professional in the allied field whose services and expertise you might require for your professional growth and medical servitude. You do not want to fall short of business cards when you need them the most!

6. At the venue

Your Continuing Medical Education at the MAPS conference will be best effective if you have contemplated your note-taking methods.

While you network at the pediatric conference, be courteous with your tone. Gracious with your body language, warm with your smile, and firm with your handshake. Be proactive while you introduce yourself to anyone you think is vital. However, value the other person’s time and space as well.

While venturing out to picturesque venues, ensure your itinerary is in place. Ensure the safety of yourself and your companions as you enjoy the much-earned pleasure of relaxation and rejuvenation.

7. After the conference

Review your notes as you had planned before. Revisit the most striking ideas you came across at the pediatric conference.

Reconnect with the new contacts and accomplices you met at the conference. If possible, schedule a visit and meet them personally if your networking goals demand so.

Wrap Up:

Whether you want to harness the opportunity to foster a long-lasting intellectual companionship, network with peers, or have a chilled-out vacation time, a pediatric conference such as MAPS Fall 2022 can cater to your needs and goals.

The MAPS Fall 2022 conference is being conducted at Hilton Costa Mesa, California from September 8, 2022, to September 10, 2022.

Check out the list of events and register early for the MAPS Fall 2022 conference to avoid last-minute hassles. Visit the website to learn more.

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