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What Makes SAINIK 710 Different From Other Waterproof Plywood?

Plywood is an artificially made wooden structure that is formed by pressing thin overlay sheets together with an adhesive beneath with great pressure to form a strong, sturdy, and flexible flat sheet. It is frequently favored above timber since it is less expensive and does not crack or compress with time. More so than any other structural material, Plywood is a cost-effective solution that is adaptable and works and looks like wood.

Plywood is more cost efficient than solid or authentic wood and is simple to operate with, allowing you to quickly fabricate any pieces of product such as couches, stools, closets, shelves, and bookcases. Plywood comes in a variety of thicknesses. It also saves so much time, work, and money when creating a specific design or construction. People have used plywood for a long time, so it is fair to assume that the majority of our furnishings are constructed of plywood.

Sainik 710 offers you the best plywood in India. With its irresistible features, it is easier for you to make a fair choice for your furniture. Here are some factors why Sainik 710 is the best suit for your home:


As temperature changes, contamination, dampness, and pollution can ruin your furniture and limit its lifespan. Sainik 710, the asli waterproof plywood, is built to withstand wetness. Our plywood is water-resistant and has a low water absorption rate, making it the best solution for preventing wood decay resulting from excessive humidity and moisture intrusion.

Boiling Waterproof Ply

The BWP grade plywood has been the most popular type of plywood both for exteriors and interiors, and it is water-resistant, making it ideal for every weather pattern. It is often used to restructure doors and windows, cupboards, and kitchen furniture panels that are exposed to a lot of water. Due to its weatherproof characteristics, it is often utilized in exterior wall paneling, particularly for stairways. It is also sometimes known as Marine plywood. BWR grade plywood can be used to build anything your imagination can conjure up.

Bend resistant

Over some time, the plywood, after long wear and tear, tends to lose its collectiveness and starts bending. This happens when the plywood has been under great pressure, and a lot of weight has been put on it. The Sainik 710 Plywood comes with bend-resistant properties because it is built with strong adhesive under great pressure to hold heavy weight for a long duration. This property helps in maintaining the longevity of your furniture and holds the furniture together.

Chemically Treated for Borer and Termite Proof

These insects, however their tiny size, have a profound impact on the performance of your furnishings. This not only ruins your belongings but also gets expensive to repair. It’s difficult to spot them, and once the furniture is destroyed, all measures are worthless. As a result, utilizing termite-resistant plywood from the beginning would save you cash.

Strength of the Plywood

Thinner plies make it easier to keep moisture levels consistent throughout the layer and also from one to another. It’s because there are more plies, which means there’s more adhesive. The surface will be sturdy because we use additional glue. The higher adhesive content restrains the wood’s natural desire to move. So, “better” has nothing to do with the wood or the thickness of the plies but everything to do with the adhesive.

High Resistance to All Climatic Conditions

We are always improving our services to achieve greater efficiency and customer-oriented products. One of the outputs is water-resistant plywood. Making impervious ply boards can be done in a variety of ways. Coating the board with a layer of paint or varnish is one option. Some other alternative is to chemically modify the plywood’s polymer structure to avoid moisture from being trapped in the first place. Explore the Sainik 710 plywood from CenturyPly today.

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